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The Netgenz site tries to provide the best, accurate and reliable information, in developing a site there needs to be cooperation between internal writers as well as with visitors in order to improve the quality of articles presented to readers, we try to present information as it is according to the abilities and experiences we have gone through we studied, but it is possible that the information is still lacking in detail, therefore we invite loyal readers, if you have a hobby of writing according to the topics we present, you can also 'show off your work to our website. We will help broadcast via Twitter and FB, fan pages so that your writing can be known and useful for many people. Or maybe you have interesting, educative writing references that you want to post here, and are useful for readers, please contact us.

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  1. Write using the Ms.Word platform along with attachments. Interesting pictures according to the topics we present on this site are at least 350 words, and send via our official email.
  2. All writing must be pure, free from plagiarism/copy-paste, must not contain HOAX, Fraud!, and be in accordance with field facts if the article is a case study.
  3. Write the name according to the country's identity card and official social media account as the article author tag, we will review the authenticity of both the writing and the author's profile (credible)
  4. All articles written by guest writers will be edited, audited, or evaluated by our editorial team, and published on a Netgenz.Co account.

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