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Netgenz Destination - Knowing the list of provinces in Indonesia can add to the discourse about the Indonesian Archipelago. Not only that, knowing the list of provinces in Indonesia means that we value the nation's travel history. The problem is that if you look back, there is a long process that has resulted in Indonesia now having a province with its own autonomous rights.

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Indonesia as an archipelagic country is divided into 34 provinces, 416 districts, and 98 cities or 7,024 areas for one sub-district level, and 81,626 one sub-district level. Apart from the region, Indonesia has a diversity of cultures and languages ​​in each region which spreads over 17,504 islands. The total area of ​​Indonesia is currently 5,180,083 km2 which includes plains and oceans.

In this discussion, will summarize the complete list of provinces in Indonesia with their capitals. For those of you who want to know that info, read the discussion on the list of provinces in Indonesia below.

Special Autonomous Regions

Of the 34 provinces in Indonesia, 5 provinces have different statuses, namely having special autonomy. The province has special rights and a higher degree of autonomy than others. Provinces defined include the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY), Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD), the Special Capital Region (DKI) of Jakarta, Papua, and West Papua.

List of provinces in Indonesia and special/special regions and their capitals.