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Netgenz | Netgenz.com (Netizen Generation Z) monitors media around the world for discussion, viral news, blogging, entertainment, in the future we want to develop viral news content. If this website is well developed, we will accept anything constructive (positive vibes). Do not rule out the development of the flow of internet technology as an information medium to find interesting ideas about the online world, in the future, we have the idea to work together to find content creators (writers) to develop this site.

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NETIZEN BUZZ is viral news or is being discussed by netizens containing political issues, law or artist gossip, or "unique" content that is interesting to read, all content is taken from various accurate sources, studied in-depth, and presented without changing the content of the information.

NET INSIGHT, Present insights to netizens about information interesting about Indonesia on the Internet. Taken from various sources, accurate and presented without changing the content of existing information or tutorials in-depth and we strive in detail to help our thoughts and daily experiences as practitioners. FYI in addition to maintaining this blog for entertainment, because the team likes technology, the team is a micro start-up employee, namely in the field of IT services or retail computer accessories and online marketplace business in one city in East Java.
GEN EXCLUSIVE In addition to tutorial content, recommendations about fashion, accessories, and style for generation z and millennials, and the author's rant with Indonesian content "Warung Netizen".

Z WATCH Entertainment content that is now a trend or hype Korean drama, film recommended, or news that can be enjoyed by reading.

LOCAL GUIDE, personally and representing a team of netizen generation z (netgenz) writers who discuss the basics of cooking, culinary, desserts, advising on your travels in Indonesia as tourism and recommended destinations (nature, city, or culinary must-visit ), so that the presence of this site can prepare you to enjoy a pleasant holiday in Indonesia country.

The presence of the Netgenz site as a beginner at this time provides a little useful information, I hope that all the content on this site can be useful for anyone who finds this site as a reference or just looking for information and entertainment.

Thank you for visiting, don't forget to share, all the benefits and success are always all.

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