Car owners, sometimes the risk of getting scratches or scratches on the car body cannot be avoided. The appearance of scratches on the car can make it look bad. Scratches or scratches themselves can occur due to clashes or the age of using the car that has been too long.

If the strokes that occur are still light, you can eliminate or disguise them by applying certain methods that can be done yourself at home. Of course, this step of removing scratches on a car can save more on the budget than you have to go to a repair shop and spend a lot of money.

1. Remove Scratches Using White Compound

How to remove scratches on the car can be done, namely by using the white compound. Inside the form of cream can reduce until the strokes can disappear. The white compound itself is often used to remove scratches. The argument is because it has a better scraping power.

How to remove strokes using white compound, namely:

  1. Clean the surface of the car you want to get rid of scratches
  2. Then wipe until dry
  3. Next, apply the compound to the scratches on the car that you want to remove
  4. Finally, clean the remaining strokes using clean water and a dry towel
  5. It's easy? You can get the white compound at some auto accessory stores.

2. Remove Scratches Using Toothpaste

Apparently, toothpaste can be used as a step to remove scratches on the car. Some of the steps are also quite easy.

  1. Prepare a place to pour toothpaste and cloth that has a smooth surface
  2. Pour a little water and toothpaste. Mix the 2, then give it slowly on the friction part of the car
  3. Finally, wash the side of the stroke using clean water

3. Remove Scratches Using Scratch Remover

Using a scratch remover can also be an option. Scratch remover can be purchased at auto accessory stores. To obtain maximum results, up to 5 times of polishing can be carried out to remove scratches on the car. The trick is pretty easy:

  1. Give the scratch remover liquid by using your fingers to rub against the side of the car
  2. Then rub using a micro-fiber cloth, pressing slowly so that the liquid can function optimally and does not spread to other sides of the car.

4. Remove Scratches Using Brake Oil

The next step to remove scratches on the car is to rely on brake fluid. But this brake fluid is hard, so be careful using it. Ways that can be implemented:

  1. Pour the same brake fluid as needed on the dry chamois
  2. Then give it in the strokes on the car
  3. Then immediately rinse with water and wipe using a clean dry chamois. If you are still not quite happy with the first result, it can be done many times until it disappears completely

5. Remove Scars Using Ammonia Liquid

Finally, the step to remove scratches on the car can be tried by using liquid ammonia.

  1. Mix about 1/2 liter of water and 15 ml of liquid ammonia until smooth
  2. Then prepare a clean cloth with a smooth surface
  3. The cloth is placed into the liquid and then rubbed on the car body where there are scratches
  4. Allow some time for the ammonia liquid to absorb and then clean the windshield in detail. If the strokes have not disappeared, repeat the above method one more time
  5. Apparently, it's not difficult to apply the steps to remove blisters on the car? The method above can definitely make you more efficient and does not take a long time to do.

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