How to Overcome the Speedometer on a Car Not Turning On

How to Overcome the Speedometer on a Car Not Turning On

How to Overcome the Speedometer on a Car Not Turning On

Every driver of course always pays attention to the speedometer side when the car slides without being recognized. Elements on the side of the dashboard must always be in perfect condition to show the level of car speed.

But have you ever felt the speedometer needle suddenly not moving or even the road was not constant? The trigger for a dead or destroyed car speedometer can also be caused by many things. Read what the triggers are and how to deal with them to get things back to normal.

3 Causes of Dead Car Speedometers That You Must Know

Without a speedometer, you will find it difficult to know how fast the car is sliding. Without this information, you may get out of control and have an accident while cornering or trying to overtake another vehicle.

A speedometer is a speed measurement tool with the calculation of km/hour. This tool is not only used in cars but also in motorcycles such as motorcycles, buses, and trucks. There are two types of speedometers, analog and digital. If the analog mechanism uses gears and wheel poles, digital speedometers use magnetic pulse computing and pulses.

Especially for analog speedometers, use a cable that has a glass wire. And the digital speedometer works using a cluster instrument that is rotated with a coupling wire.

Compared to analog speedometers, the numbers shown on digital are more precise. However, the level of damage to the digital speedometer is easier than analog. The trigger for the dead car speedometer is also divided into below.

1. A Problem Appears in the Car's Electrical System

The electricity in the car makes the lights glow as well as the speedometer sign. The speedometer's working steps are not separated from electricity because of the presence of the following electricity that makes the speedometer element work.

A series of wires on the speedometer that drained electricity and experienced problems became the main trigger. Damage can occur because the cable or socket is broken and the power line also stops.

Checking the side of the cable that is connected to the speedometer must be seen the first time. You can check if there is a power line on the cable or maybe not. If not then it should be immediately replaced with a new cable.

A short-circuited electrical mechanism generally affects not only the speedometer but also other elements. For example, the lights of a car that glow dim or the car are difficult to start.

2. Error Speedometer Panel

The second trigger for the dead car speedometer is damage to the panel. After you check the electrical mechanism, there seems to be no problem, so check the panel. Damage is more common in this section of the speedometer panel.

When the speedometer panel is destroyed, two things will happen. First, the pointers or numbers that are there start to look blurry. Both speedometers will turn off completely which causes anxiety.

Direct damage can occur if only one panel starts an error that makes the panel not work optimally. Tests can be carried out using the scan tool, this tool is really useful for knowing which panels need to be swapped.

3. Speedometer Sensor No Longer Working

Finally, there is a problem with the speedometer sensor. Sensors on the side of the following transmission play a major role in determining the speed level of the vehicle. Especially for digital speedometers, this sensor is generally an optical type with easy maintenance.

But a destroyed sensor can trigger the car's speedometer to die. For example, the socket side becomes loose or the transducer is worn out. Resulting in the speed of the car also can not be found.

A shattered sensor affects the glow of the check engine light on an injection car. And for vehicles that use ABS brakes, this sensor is installed even on the wheels of the car.

If it is located on the wheel of a car, then when the ABM brakes are destroyed, the sensor will experience problems. You need to check the ABM brake side as well as the speedometer sensor, if it's destroyed, quickly take it to the nearest authorized repair shop.

How to Overcome a Dead Car Speedometer

It's easier to fix a dead speedometer when the vehicle is still in the house. For example, when you just got out of the house, the next time you found out the speedometer needle or the number that should have been there, it died.

It's different if you find a car speedometer that suddenly turns off during a long trip. The fear of unresolved car speed or damage to other elements will exist.

No need to worry and still remaining calm is the first way to do when you feel the speedometer is off. In addition, the following ways to handle the dead car speedometer trigger can be followed.

Checking the fuse

You can first check the fuse connected to the speedometer. A blown fuse will cause the speedometer to turn off and you will need to replace it. Changing the fuse will fix the speedometer operation.

Do not forget to buy a similar fuse because each car is generally different. Especially the small size so you have to be careful when exchanging it.

Checking Battery Performance

The battery element plays an important role in the performance of the electrical mechanism. Just as already explained, the occurrence of a short circuit triggers the car's speedometer to turn off. Therefore, if the battery that plays the role of saving power does not work, the electricity is not connected.

The car battery may need to be charged until it can work normally again. If the battery can't reload, then you have to exchange it for a new one.

Speedometer Maintenance

In addition to handling steps, you must also take care to prevent damage from occurring. The speedometer element itself is actually quite durable, especially if it is cared for properly.

If you use a digital speedometer, then you must check the battery voltage current correctly so that the speedometer signal performance is still optimal. And for analog speedometers, it should regularly only emulate the gear arrangement.

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