The Windows 10 operating mechanism launched by Microsoft Windows 10 is now an operating mechanism that is often used because it comes with a variety of new features that are more comfortable to use. Even though it comes with a fairly up-to-date mechanism, many Windows 10 users complain that their netbooks are slower.

Actually, it's not 100% the fault of the operating mechanism. It could be because the netbook is too old or there is a virus in it. As a solution, there are ways to easily handle a slow Windows 10 netbook that you can try. Here are the full details. Steps for Handling Slow Netbooks for Windows 10

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1. Remove non-mainstream programs on netbook windows 10

One of them is the trigger for the Windows 10 netbook to be slow because most programs or programs are installed. Therefore, you can begin to uninstall programs that are not needed so that the netbook is back to normal. It's better to use storage memory for some necessary things so that the netbook doesn't slow down and you are comfortable when using it.

2. Delete files in the temp folder regularly

Files that are in the temp folder as a result of program concentration or large design corrections using certain programs. Netbook users often forget that the netbook they are using has this file. This temp file will generally be saved automatically, if it is not regularly deleted it can accumulate and cause memory on the netbook to shrink.

The more memory that is used, the greater the risk of the netbook being slow. Therefore you can delete the file periodically as one of the steps to fix a slow netbook windows 10. Here are some steps to delete the temp file: Press the Windows key + R. Write %temp%, then enter. Press the combined CTRL + A keys. Finally, click Shift + Del to delete the files.

3. Clean the files in the prefetch folder

In addition to the temp folder, you must also regularly delete files in the prefetch folder as one of the steps to deal with slow netbooks. To delete files in this folder, here are the easy steps: Click Windows + R. Then write prefetch and enter. When you see administrator permissions, click OK. Then delete all the files in that folder so that the netbook doesn't slow down.

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4. Turn off the program at startup windows

Programs that you install generally automatically glow or turn on when the netbook is turned on. Apparently, this can cause the netbook to be slow and certainly interfere with your activities. Therefore, the next step to deal with slow netbooks is to turn off several programs that automatically glow at Windows startup. Steps to turn it off are not difficult, here are the steps: Press the combined Windows + R key. Then write MSConfig, then enter. After the list of programs is there, you can immediately disable programs that are not important.

5. Turn off unneeded visual effects

Another step you can take to deal with a slow netbook is to turn off unnecessary visual effects on a Windows 10 netbook. Steps to turn it off are not difficult. Here's the tutorial: Open the windows explorer menu. Right-click in this PC menu then specify properties. Define Advanced system settings and in the performance section, you can specify the settings. Change options to custom. Determine the visual effect you want to use. Make sure you choose one that doesn't make your netbook heavy and slow.

6. Delete backup windows update

The next step to dealing with a slow Windows 10 netbook is to delete the backup from the Windows update that you are using. The backup file is not needed again if left to pile up can cause the netbook to be slow. To delete the backup file, you can use the following steps: Write disk cleanup in the search field on Windows 10 that you are using. Determine the drive you want to analyze, for example, locate disk C. Then click OK and wait for the results to appear. Files that you want to delete can be ticked by clicking on them one by one. Finally, click OK.

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