In addition to the interior and body of the car, the car's engine can also be exposed to dust or other debris such as remaining oil crust, waste from the engine itself, and even insect or animal feces such as mice. 

his can definitely affect the state and performance and performance of your car engine. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the cleanliness of the car engine by cleaning the car engine that we want to review. The car engine is an important part of the car. Several electrical elements are equally connected.

Mistakes in cleaning the car engine room will affect the performance and performance of your car engine. It's not a car engine that wants to look clean, but instead makes the engine short circuit and can end fatally like an engine fire or the engine doesn't work.

The following guide is an easy step to clean car engines in general which you can also apply to clean other car engines such as automatic car engines, old car engines, European car engines, and other car engines.

So for those of you who are figuring out how to clean an automatic car engine, how to clean an Avanza or CRV car engine to other brands, how to clean an old car engine, and how to clean a European car engine, then you have an accurate article. Because the various steps that you want to review below can make recommendations and guidelines that of course, you can apply to clean your car engine.

Steps to Clean the Right Car Engine

1. Cleaning the car engine in a location that is not in direct sunlight

The first guide to cleaning the car engine is to choose a cleaning location that is not exposed to direct sunlight. This is because in a car engine there are many elements or sides made of rubber and plastic that can expand and become fragile when exposed to direct sunlight. This will have an effect on the performance of that element. The best cleaning locations are in the car garage. But if your car garage is too narrow and dark, you can step back a little and make sure the hood is facing out of the garage. This will simplify the process of cleaning the car engine.

2. Warm up the car engine before cleaning it

Before starting the car engine cleaning process, you need to heat the car engine for about 15 minutes and then leave it for a while. Wait until the car engine cools down a bit. This is done to make it easier for you to clean stubborn dirt on the machine. You need to recognize that dirt attached to a cold engine will be difficult to clean.

3. Start the Cleaning Process After the Car Engine is Cold

You can start the car engine cleaning process after the car engine cools down. Of course, this is done for personal safety. In addition, if the car has just been driven, do not wash it quickly because this can actually make the car engine break down quickly. Wait for 30-45 minutes to cool the car engine before starting the cleaning process for your car engine.

4. Lightly Clean Dust and Dirt

You can start cleaning the car engine by removing light dirt and dust first. At this stage, use a brush or brush to clean light dirt and dust on the surface of the machine. In addition, you can also use a cloth to clean dust and other dirt. Start this way by sweeping the surface of the machine all the way between. This process is even easier to do if you have a blower or hairdryer. At this stage, the process of cleaning dirt and dust lightly does not need to use water.

5. Free the Car Accu, Important Steps to Clean the Car Engine

The next step is to clean the car engine by removing the car battery. Its role is to disconnect the power line in the car. This is done to prevent an electric short circuit because from this stage onwards cleaning the car engine will use water. In addition, wrap other electronic devices in the car engine with waterproof wrappings such as aluminum foil, plastic, cloth, or anything that can protect them from water.

In addition to avoiding an electric short circuit in the car, removing the car battery can make it easier for you to connect the bottom side of the battery storage, which is one of the places where the dirt on your car engine is. Remove the battery then put the good battery in a safe and dry location. You must also properly store the bolts and other elements so that they do not disappear and can be reinstalled after the car engine cleaning process is over.

6. See the Underside of the Car's Hood

After the car battery is removed and caught, you can start cleaning the car engine using water. The first side that you can clean is the underside of the car's hood because this side is on top and is easy to reach. To clean this side, you can use a brush or brush. In addition, to simplify the cleaning process, you can use a car engine room washing liquid or you can use another multipurpose washing liquid. Some people clean car engines with Sunlight.

After you clean the machine and get the result you want, you can wash it with water. Just splash water to wash off the remaining washing liquid and then dry with a cloth. You can use a microfiber cloth or a plastic chamois.

7. Steps to clean the car engine using a steamer

To make it easier, what do you use to clean the car engine? To simplify the process of cleaning the car engine, you can use a steamer. Initially, you can concentrate the cleaning of the car engine on several large, easy-to-reach surfaces. Then proceed to the part that is difficult to reach using a steamer.

Use a steamer that has a small hole for optimal splashing ability to carry dirt and water from spreading everywhere. Besides that, you can also clean the side of the engine room by using a citron. What is citron? Citron, aka citric acid, is another name for the chemical citric acid, which is commonly used to clean spots on clothes or other stubborn household items.

So how do you make your own citrus car wash liquid? What are the steps to clean the car engine with this citron? You can add citron with dishwashing liquid (Sunlight) and water, then stir until smooth. Put the solution in the spray holder. Use this solution as your car washing liquid.

8. Don't Forget To Clean The Front Of The Car Engine

After cleaning the car engine room, you can proceed with cleaning the front side of the car engine. To clean this side, remove the front grill so you can be freer in cleaning. Besides that, you can also clean the car's headlights using toothpaste. The trick is to apply toothpaste using a toothbrush on the lamp cover, then rub it until the lamp cover looks as clean as you expect. Do it right, because then your lights will shine again.

9. Make sure to dry the cleaned side

After cleaning all sides of the machine and other components, the next step is to dry the parts that have been cleaned so that the remaining water does not cause rust on the surface of the machine. You can dry the side that has been cleaned using a microfiber cloth or a plastic chamois cloth. But before drying the cleaned side, make sure you wash it first.

10. Reinstall the battery after cleaning the car engine

After all sides of the engine are dried, don't forget to re-attach the battery to the engine compartment of the car. Make sure you attach the battery correctly so that the car engine can glow.

11. Check again for the remaining soap left in the car engine

Before ending the car engine cleaning process, make sure that there is no soap left in the car engine. Because the remaining soap can cause the car engine to rust easily. When finished, you can also take steps to shine the car engine by smearing it as a finish. Your car engine is also covered instantly shiny!

12. Restart the Cleaned Car Engine

After all the process of cleaning the car engine level is complete, restart the car engine. Restarting a car engine that has been cleaned is done to warm up parts of the engine that are damp due to cleaning with water or other washing fluids.

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