Have you ever experienced a laptop keyboard that suddenly didn't work or was completely damaged? Maybe almost some laptop users have experienced it. What caused it? Of course, many things make a laptop keyboard damaged or error. Could be due to software or hardware problems. Then how to fix a broken laptop keyboard?

Don't worry, there are many ways to fix a partially malfunctioning or completely damaged laptop keyboard. After all, the keyboard is one of the most important components of a laptop or computer.

Being a part that is used very often, makes the keyboard vulnerable to damage. If the laptop keyboard doesn't work at all, it can certainly hinder work and make gadget users annoyed.

The function of the keyboard itself is as a tool for typing letters, numbers, and symbols that help make it easier for us to operate a laptop. Without a keyboard, laptops cannot type characters or letters on the screen. This is why the keyboard is a very important component of a laptop or computer.

How to Restore Keyboard Functions As Before

If it's already damaged without knowing the exact cause, the thing you have to do is try various emergency steps to be able to restore the function of the laptop keyboard. Anything? In the following, the Qoala team has summarized various ways to repair a laptop keyboard that does not work partially or completely.

1. Check Num Lock

The first way to fix a laptop keyboard is to check the Num Lock key. One of the causes of the keyboard not working suddenly sometimes comes from the laptop user's own fault.

One of the most common is due to accidentally activating the Num Lock feature. The Num Lock function itself functions to convert the main keyboard part that acts as a numeric keypad.

When Num Lock is on, most of the keyboard doesn't work normally. To disable Num Lock, you can press the Fn key and combine it with the "NumLk" key at the same time. However, this also depends on the type or model of the laptop keyboard you are using.

2. Restart Laptop/Computer

If Num Lock is not the main cause of the keyboard not working, then the next step you can do is to restart the laptop or computer. Restarting a laptop is a powerful way to solve various problems that occur on a laptop or computer, including keyboard errors.

If the laptop does not respond when restarted, you can try it by pressing the power button for a few seconds.

3. Perform a System Restore

Laptop keyboard still not working after restart? So how to fix the next laptop keyboard that you can try is to do a system restore. If the laptop keyboard doesn't work on Windows 7 or Windows 8, select Start Menu and type "Recovery". As for Windows XP, click Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools, then select "System Restore".

4. Fix Keyboard Driver

The next problem that could be the cause of the laptop keyboard not working is an error in the driver. This can happen when installing software that contains a virus. To be sure, you can directly check it in the Device Manager in the Keyboard section.

If you find a yellow triangle sign, then that's a sign that the keyboard driver you are using is having a problem. To fix this, download and install the latest drivers on the official website of your laptop brand.

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5. Check Keyboard Settings

Laptop keyboard typing on its own? If so, maybe what you should check is the keyboard settings section. In some cases, the keyboard with the built-in program features sometimes does not work properly. One example, if you ever set the “Repeat Delay” too short, make the keyboard key when pressed once as if pressed many times.

You can solve this problem in the following way:

  • Go to the Start Menu, then select Control Panel
  • Then select Ease of Access
  • Click the Make the keyboard easier to use button
  • Then click the setup filter key and select Uncheck All

If you have followed the way to repair the laptop keyboard listed above, check again whether the keyboard is functioning normally. If it's still an error, disable the Sticky Keys setting in the menu above.

6. Change Keyboard Layout

If the ways to fix the netbook keyboard just now haven't been able to fix the netbook keyboard which doesn't play a role at all, then it could be the trigger for keyboard damage to occur in the layout. Problems that occur in the layout can cause the keyboard to still play some roles, but the letters that are pressed don't match the ones on the monitor

To fix the layout settings that may be different, you can follow the following steps:

  • Click Start Menu
  • Browse "Language" in the search field
  • Specify the language you want to use
  • Specify Options, then make sure the words "US QWERTY" are at the bottom of the Keyboards on the next page
  • You can remove some unneeded keyboard layouts

7. Clean the keyboard from dust or food residue

Not all netbook keyboards are completely destroyed, some keys don't play a role, but other keys can be used normally. This could be caused by dust or some food debris that is on the side between the keyboard, until the keyboard keys are blocked by dust and food remains that builds up.

No need to dissect the keyboard to clean it from dust and dirt. You need to follow these steps:

  • Make sure the netbook or computer is turned off
  • Tilt the netbook at 90 degrees with direction to make it easier for you to clean dust
  • In that tilted state, shake your netbook so that dust or food residue that is between the keyboard falls down
  • Clean between and under the keyboard with masking tape
  • Work repeatedly until the keyboard is completely clean of thick dust and dirt

8. Connector Disconnect

Steps to fix a netbook keyboard that doesn't work at all usually require installing drivers. However, if the netbook keyboard is still broken and the trigger has not been identified, chances are you can check the connector on the keyboard element.

Loose, bent, or loose keyboard connectors can certainly prevent the keyboard from functioning normally. To make sure the keyboard connector has a problem or maybe not, you can dissect the keyboard yourself by looking at some of the tutorials on YouTube. If you hesitate to do it, you should give it to someone who is an expert.

9. Apart from Netbook Battery

Resetting the netbook is believed to be able to fix several problems that occur on the netbook, one of which is the keyboard that does not play a role. With this step, it is possible that the destroyed netbook keyboard can play its role again. Here are some steps:

  • Turn off the netbook
  • After waiting for a while, remove the adapter and netbook battery, then leave it for 2-3 minutes.
  • In the status the battery is released, press the power button for 1 minute
  • Then, re-insert the netbook battery, and turn it on

10. Switch Default Keyboard

If you have made sure the keyboard connector is not disconnected, but the keyboard still has problems, another step to deal with it is by swapping the default keyboard. Steps to fix the netbook keyboard are believed to be a way out to fix the netbook keyboard that does not play a role.

To find a built-in keyboard, you can buy it through various online programs. But what is important to note, make sure the default keyboard you buy matches the brand and type of netbook you are using. You can swap out a new keyboard yourself by checking out the various tutorials on YouTube.

11. Using On-Screen Keyboard

If you don't have time to do the ways to deal with the netbook keyboard that doesn't work above, you can use the On-Screen keyboard as a way to fix the netbook keyboard error. No need to install the program again, you need to go to Start Menu > Programs > Accessories > Accessibility, then specify On-Screen Keyboard.

After following these steps, there is an On-Screen Keyboard on your netbook monitor. The on-Screen Keyboard acts like a normal keyboard. But the difference lies in its use using a touchpad or mouse.

The possibility of using it is not as comfortable and flexible as the original keyboard, but this feature is enough to be a way out of depressed conditions when the netbook keyboard can't be used.

12. Use a USB or wireless keyboard

Don't want to take a long time to try to fix a netbook keyboard that doesn't work at all? Therefore the solution that can be taken is by using a USB keyboard. By connecting the USB cable to the netbook, you can also use a portable keyboard as an alternative to the default netbook keyboard that was destroyed.

In addition to using a USB cable, you can also insert a wireless keyboard as an alternative to the default keyboard. In addition to simplifying the task, the wireless keyboard can be used for a fairly long distance without needing to be hampered by cables.

13. Take to Service Center

The last step to fix a netbook keyboard that you can take to fix your netbook keyboard that doesn't work is to take it to a service center. By being taken to a service center, there is a good chance that your netbook keyboard will play a role again.

If the netbook insurance has expired, there is no harm in trying various contributions from computer mechanics to make repairs. It must be remembered, in the service process, you should also pay attention to the trigger why the keyboard was destroyed. At least by knowing the trigger, of course, you can know what is important to do.

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