7 Ways to Gain Weight While Fasting Healthy

7 Ways to Gain Weight While Fasting Healthy

7 Ways to Gain Weight While Fasting Healthy

Netgenz - Health Fasting is often the time for a diet to lose weight for some people. The obligation not to eat food enables one to easily resist the enticement of the guts.

The problem is not all people want to lose weight. In fact, some want to increase their body weight. In fact, when fasting, your weight doesn't always go down or it can go up. At least many strategies can be implemented to make your body fat.

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Here are 7 Ways to Gain Weight While Fasting Healthy

1. Do light exercise before eating

Exercise can increase your appetite. That's more or less the results of research recorded in the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research in 2017. That means that exercise before eating can make you add food rations that are beneficial for your body weight.

In fact, there is good evidence arriving from the journal. The higher the frequency of your eating, it can make the increase in body weight is not large. The main thing to ensure that your body weight goes up is the balance of the diet.

2. Choose foods that are rich in protein and carbohydrates

Like an athlete, you can gain weight if you want to adjust your food options. If you really want to increase your weight, then choosing foods that are high in carbohydrates can help you. Some foods are whole grain bread or oatmeal cereal.

Determine also foods that contain lots of protein, such as chicken, red meat, eggs, and processed dairy products. Besides having the potential to increase your weight, these foods are better at making you quench your hunger.

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3. Eating sweet food

Fruit ice will help you through a few days of fasting remember that food is really refreshing. But more than that, its sweet taste can help you gain weight. Many studies have reviewed this. One of them is an article from Food and Nutrition Research 2012.

It must be understood that although sweet foods help with weight gain, you should choose foods that come from natural sweeteners and have no artificial sugar. Artificial sugar does help increase body weight, but not for the health side.

4. Take supplements

Try giving a touch of breaking your fast or sahur with supplements. Creatine and protein supplements can add weight to your body. According to healthline.com, the supplement promotes increased muscle mass so that your weight gain doesn't come from fat, but from muscle gains.

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5. Add food rations

Just as explained in the first point, exercise will more or less make you feel hungry and want to eat a lot of food. If you want, you can add your food ration. The more calories you take in will help you gain the desired weight.

But just remember to add food in large quantities and suddenly it is not good for health. Therefore, it is better if you control it according to the strength of your stomach contents.

6. Drink more water

It looks simple, but drinking lots of water can increase your weight. Besides that, your body continues to be hydrated and does not get thirsty so easily that it interferes with fasting.

But as much as possible stay away from drinking lots of water before eating. This can delay hunger and actually make you eat less.

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7. Eat often

Usually, there are two types of people when it comes to eating: the type who eats a lot in a ration, but only once, and the type who eats little, but often. If you are the second type, you can try to increase your eating by snacking. The good thing is that the snacks you eat are light snacks that are quite heavy and contain quite high calories.

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