7 Tricks to Make Your Online Business Grow

7 Tricks to Make Your Online Business Grow

7 Tricks to Make Your Online Business Grow

Netgenz - Business | Navigating the world of e-commerce can seem daunting to an aspiring entrepreneur who has never sold online. Or even, for some business people who generally do marketing through physical stores, aka off-line sellers. In fact, the opportunities that e-commerce offers to help grow your business are great.

For those of you who are just trying to increase your business or are looking for opportunities to succeed on an online basis, you can learn from the experiences of some of these businesswomen. Lazada collects 12 female businessmen who won the 2022 Lazada Forward Women Awards to share their success stories.

They are some of the most successful e-commerce businesswomen in Southeast Asia celebrating successes, and overcoming many obstacles in their individual, community,,, and cultural lives.

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Here are 7 Tricks to Make Your Online Business Grow

1. Use social media to build a loyal customer base

Social media is a strong base for sellers to live brand and product stories. Through social media, a brand has the potential to reach millions of loyal consumers and can help build a loyal following base at the right time.

This will move some followers to visit your online shop. The key to success on social media is delivering compelling content and engaging loyal customers.

This is what brought Manasawee Suangkaew, a fashion shop picker at Loonnystore in Thailand, to realize success in e-commerce. She uses social media platforms to offer her products, fashion trends, and the latest celebrity styles.

He replaces curious social media users with the latest fashion trends as first consumers and moves his social media loyalists to become loyal consumers.

For Manasawee, social media is an inseparable part of his success. What's more, social media is free advertising where other consumers can share their shopping problems!

2. Use the live streaming to educate customers about products

We are certainly trained to see live streaming on an e-commerce basis. For sellers, live streaming becomes an efficient marketing tool to reach audiences instantly.

In just a few moments, the seller can grab the attention of viewers by sharing compelling and uplifting information about the brand and its products. You can also provide a 'live' experience for viewers, much like an offline store experience.

Pattaya Thanasrivanitchai, owner of Happi Cup in Thailand, uses the live streaming session not only to showcase some of her menstrual cup products but as a channel for negotiating women's health with some of her loyal customers.

Likewise with Farica Edgina Yosafat, owner of Berry Baby at Lazada Indonesia. Farica sees live streaming as a necessary channel to educate and inform loyal consumers about several mother and child products. This step has succeeded in making it close to loyal consumers.

"Business owners, it is important to always keep in touch with loyal consumers, especially in the baby and child equipment business where many loyal consumers generally find out more about the products they want to buy for their children," said Farica.

"With the arrival of the live streaming feature on the LazLive channel, I can have direct contact with loyal consumers and they can ask and negotiate directly about their needs. I can also explain more deeply about the various products sold by my store, just like an off-line relationship," Fabrika said.

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3. Respond quickly to retail trends to drive marketing

The outbreak has changed the efforts, tasks, and livelihoods of some people. But keeping up-to-date with the latest retail trends and still keeping an open mind in trying new approaches and trends can help improve your business.

Nadja, a fashion brand created by Nadya Amatullah in Indonesia, changed its production line to produce reusable cloth masks, aprons, and farming equipment for loyal consumers who stayed indoors during the epidemic.

"My marketing was down due to limitations in this epidemic period. To survive, we produced cloth masks, aprons to farming equipment with a touch of Nadjani's design," said Nadya.

Nadja also collaborated with influencers and Lazada to drive marketing. "One of them is by participating in Jakarta Fashion Week where Nadjani makes a special design and only sells the design on Lazada. Alhamdulillah, this tactic makes our marketing immediately go up," he added.

Same with Nadya, Nguyễn Thị Kim Oanh, owner of 1994food in Vietnam. He realized that there was an increase in interest in health products amid the epidemic. He quickly took advantage of this trend and started importing several healthy food products from various countries, including the United States.

In addition, he switched his factory production to produce biscotti diet biscuits-which are now the best marketing.

4. Use the mega-campaign of auspicious dates to drive marketing

Mega-campaigns or mega-campaigns like 11.11 and 12.12 are major times in the e-commerce world. Mega campaigns are created to drive marketing, increase revenue for businesses, and offer loyal consumers access to lots of great deals and products.

More than 800 thousand brands and sellers participated in Lazada's 11.11 Shopping Festival last year, a 2x increase compared to the previous year.

One businessman who is using the mega campaign to increase his sales is Lubang Wee Ling, owner of 8miles, a mother and child supply store.

Wee Ling admitted that the twin mega number campaigns such as 9.9, 10.10, 11.11, 12.12, really had an influence on the fast development of his business. Mega campaigns help drive marketing and expand its loyal customer base.

5. Blending the brand experience in off-line and online channels

With more and more loyal consumers shopping at physical stores amidst the relaxation of activity restrictions related to epidemic control efforts, many businesses are starting to strengthen their omnichannel retail approach to attract loyal consumers from both channels, offline and online.

However, it's important to ensure that the brand experience is still the same across all touchpoints on a loyal customer's journey. Because this is what drives memory and brand loyalty.

Pauline Ng, the co-founder of Porcelain, an exclusive facial spa from Singapore, has shifted her base to digital media. She brought a complete range of her skincare products online when the epidemic hit.

He focuses on providing the best loyal customer service experience and the same as the loyal customer experience in his physical store, maintaining the appearance, taste, and relationship that the brand has always marketed. As a result, he can maintain his loyal customer base while attracting new loyal customers through online channels.

The same tactic was adopted by Elyse Janina P Juan in the Philippines. He is the owner of the 5th generation of Papemelroti, which sells original and eco-friendly gifts, notepads, handicrafts,, and some locally made home decor items in more than twenty physical shops.

Elyse ensures that her online store has the appearance and feel of her physical store so that loyal consumers immediately recognize the brand and know if they are making a purchase from a trusted seller.

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6. Decide based on analytical data on the seller dashboard

Data is an important side of a business. This is the key to knowing what works, and what doesn't. By using data-based insights and signs of success, sellers can better understand the buying behavior of loyal consumers. That way, you can decide which can drive more marketing.

Two sellers from Malaysia and Vietnam admit that their success in e-commerce is driven by data usage. Nurul Izzan Zamzuri, the owner of Niz-Craft in Malaysia who sells yarn, equips him with knowledge regarding the behavior of tracing and buying yarn from his loyal customers so that he can offer products that suit the needs of his loyal customers.

oàn Trần Thùy Linh, the owner of Light Coffee in Vietnam, uses data tools to understand his loyal customers, enable them to calculate wants,, and introduce new flavors, products,, and size options that other loyal customers are looking for.

7. Experiment with vouchers, discounts, and free shipping to drive alterations

Loyal consumers in Southeast Asia love discounted prices. Therefore, offering lots of discounts to loyal customers will help build loyalty in the long run. Vouchers, discounted prices, and free shipping (shipping costs) are ways that sellers can use to keep loyal customers and attract new loyal customers.

Kong Wai Then, owner of Big Care Martin Malaysia, is trying to combine vouchers and free shipping to encourage loyal consumers to purchase more and more groceries when they shop in their online store for several pharmaceutical products.

This tactic is followed by Monalisa Gao in the Philippines, the owner of Lucky HR, who sells electronic products to customers. The terrace of the online store is lined with banners for discounts and special offers, especially for some new products. This makes it one of the best sellers in its group.

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