7 Things That Happened If The Atmosphere Disappeared From Earth

7 Things That Happened If The Atmosphere Disappeared From Earth

7 Things That Happened If The Atmosphere Disappeared From Earth

Netgenz - ScienceAccording to NASA's Space Place, the atmosphere is the structure on the ground that surrounds the Earth, like a jacket, which plays a role in maintaining temperature consistency, providing oxygen, and the occurrence of weather events. Earth's atmosphere is composed of nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, and a little neon, helium, methane, krypton, hydrogen, and up water.

The atmosphere has several layers which of course have a certain role. This arrangement includes the troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere, ionosphere, and exosphere.

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Here are 7 Things That Happened If The Atmosphere Disappeared From Earth

1. No sound

The sound of birds chirping in the morning, the sound of horns at red lights, until the sound of balloons exploding can be heard clearly because of the services of the atmosphere.

Just as we know, the sound is a wave that is transmitted through a medium, one of which is the air medium. If the atmosphere disappears from Earth, then we don't hear anything. Just like in outer space, empty without an atmosphere because of that the Earth will be silent. No air, no sound!

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2. The sky will turn black

The beautiful blue sky color that we often see is the result of the presence of the atmosphere. Quoted from NASA's Space Place, sunlight emitted toward Earth is white, then through air particles in the atmosphere, and the light is split into rainbow colors.

Then there is a blue light wave that has a shorter and smaller frequency, it will be spread in all directions by small air molecules to all corners of the Earth. This is why we see the sky blue. So what will happen if the atmosphere disappears on earth? Yes, the sky will be a dark black color.

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3. Earth's temperature is extreme

The next thing that will happen when Earth's atmosphere disappears is extreme temperatures. When the atmosphere suddenly disappears, the boiling point of water will drop, then all the water on Earth, both rivers, lakes, and seas will boil.

After reaching the equilibrium point, the water vapor will hold the water to boil and the remaining water can become ice, the Earth's temperature will drop markedly. The atmosphere now has a role as a controller of the Earth's temperature to keep it warm. Without an atmosphere, temperatures drop to -18°C, and day and night temperature fluctuations would be extreme.

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4. The sun's ultraviolet radiation enters the Earth without a barrier

Even though the temperature above the Earth is cold, solar radiation still enters without a barrier.

The atmosphere now acts as a barrier to solar radiation entering directly above the Earth. The composition of ozone in the stratosphere has a role as an absorber of UV light. This UV light will cause skin diseases such as skin cancer and sunburn in humans.

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5. Meteor shower

Quoted by National Geographic, when a meteoroid enters Earth's atmosphere, it will come into contact with airborne particles in the atmosphere. Over time, the meteoroid will burn up. The majority of meteors burn up in the mesosphere, namely at an altitude of 50-80 km above the Earth's surface.

Every year, there is always a foreign object towards Earth. Due to the presence of the guardian of our Planet, these celestial bodies do not fall upwards. It is conceivable that if the Earth lost its atmosphere, all the celestial bodies would fly fast towards the land without any obstacles.

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6. Loss of clouds, rain, and water

As we know, the atmosphere is where clouds and rain are created, especially in the troposphere. The disappearance of the atmosphere means no clouds and rain returns. The presence of water on Earth is also threatened.

When the atmosphere disappears, the pressure disappears, then affects the boiling point of the water that drops and all the water from the face of the Earth boils and then starts to become steam. The earth will be barren and only a small amount of water will remain in the form of liquid.

7. The destruction of life

When the atmosphere disappears on Earth, living things are the most affected. Humans, animals, and plants really need the atmosphere for their survival. Most organisms on Earth require oxygen.

The condition of the human diaphragm, which helps the breathing process, works because of the unequal compression of air inside and outside the body. When the atmosphere and air pressure outside the body disappear, of course, humans cannot survive on Earth as a vacuum. Quoted by ThoughtCo, when the atmosphere disappears, the human eardrum will burst, saliva will boil and evaporate. Furthermore, when humans breathe, the lungs will burst, and when humans exhale they will become unconscious and die after 3 minutes.

It is possible that some marine organisms that depend on dissolved oxygen may survive a little longer, but will eventually disintegrate. Some microscopic organisms that don't really need oxygen are likely to survive.

Nach, therefore, from now on try to take a deep breath and taste the beautiful blue air and sky that we can see for free. Still keeping our atmosphere from being damaged!

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