5 Unique Facts of Violet Flowers

5 Unique Facts of Violet Flowers

5 Unique Facts of Violet Flowers

Netgenz - Science | Violet flowers which have the Latin name Saintpaulia ionantha are known as flowers that symbolize loyalty; Make the perfect gift for a partner. These flowers can be found easily in some flower shops at the cheapest prices.

The characteristics of violet flowers are that they have a fragrant fragrance and on the leaf stalks, there are soft hairs that go downwards. The flower colors also vary, there are purple, white, and pink.

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Here are 5 Unique Facts of Violet Flowers

1. Has been around since ancient Greece

It is predicted that violets have been cultivated for hundreds of years. This flower was first found coming from ancient Greece in 500 years BC. In fact, it can go further earlier.

Some Greeks often used it as an additive to food, wine, and some medicines. They really like violets. Therefore, it is not surprising that in the end, this flower became the symbol of Athena.

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2. Has hundreds of species in the world

Around the world, there are about 400 to 500 species of violets. However, the majority of the species grow in the plains of America, while another 60 species spread in several dozen other countries.

Some species of violets include blue-violet or Viola sororia, purple violet or Viola odorata, sand violet or Viola rupestris, pubescent violet or violet pubescent, ivy-shaped violet or Violet hederacea, and others.

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3. Easy to adapt to the environment

Although some species of violet prefer shady areas, cool environments, and moist soil, in general, these flowers are known to be hardy and adaptable to the environment. This can be seen from the violet flower that can bloom in several different kinds of weather and communities around the world, starting from jungles, swamps, to deserts.

Violet flowers can grow very quickly and have a longer and stronger flowering period. In fact, now gradually many violets are cross-bred to produce new colors and plants with slightly different leaf shapes.

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4. Made the state flower of Illinois

In 1907, Illinois schoolchildren voted to make the violet the state flower of Illinois. In this country, the most common species of violets are found in the dooryard violet which can grow in most environments.

This type of violet flower blooms about 2x in a year with purple flowers. In addition to Illinois, Wisconsin recognizes the violet as their state flower.

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5. Has nutritional value

Adding violets to processed recipes is nothing new. Sugar-coated violet petals are pretty much used in chocolates and cakes as a garnish.

Unfortunately, many do not know the nutritional content contained in it. Violet flowers contain high levels of vitamin C and anti-oxidants compared to other vegetables. These two substances are useful for increasing the body's immune mechanism and maintaining body health in detail.

Violet flowers have a beautiful and attractive fragrance and flower color. It is not strange that some people are interested in growing it as an ornamental plant that wants to beautify their home. Are you a fan of this type of flower?

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