5 Tips for Designing an Online Store That Brings Money

5 Tips for Designing an Online Store That Brings Money

5 Tips for Designing an Online Store That Brings Money

Netgenz - Business | With changes in technology, nowadays most business people have focused their marketing digitally. Digital marketing will generally be carried out through an online shop.

But to have an online shop with an okay and attractive design is not an easy thing. Digital agents in Jakarta must be able to create an attractive website for visitors, have good speed, an appearance that makes it easy for visitors, and ease in various other things that can create a happy experience for visitors when looking for an online shop.

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Here are 5 Tips for Designing an Online Store That Brings Money

1. Good Site Design

The first thing that visitors see is the visual appearance of the web. Therefore it is important to have a website with an orderly and aesthetic design. Some captivating photos and appropriate content selection as the front page.

Visitors generally like the web with a simple appearance with minimalistic colors and easy-to-read text.

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2. Responsive Design

Convenience in browsing the web is quite important, therefore the use of a responsive design when opened via a netbook or via a cellphone is an important point. After all, visitors certainly want a good web appearance when opened via cellphone.

It is undeniable that the majority of access to the web today has come from mobile phones, therefore digital agents must be able to provide attractive websites with responsive designs when opened on any device.

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3. Website Speed

In making web designs, digital agents must also consider the speed at which the web is opened. Several things can affect the speed of a web or page open, one of which is images. Therefore, make sure the image that we upload does not have a large size and if it has a large size, make sure that the image has been compressed first.

Having a web that can open quickly is an important point because no one wants to wait long for a page to open in full. Visitors will be lazy to be on the web and will look for other online shops where the process of opening pages can be faster and less complicated.

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4. Use of Clear Menu Names

The menu is on a special page as a representative of the other pages in the online shop. Because of that, writing a menu on the home page has an important role for visitors who come to look for the products they expect.

Make sure that some of the menus on the front page have displayed groups of several products being sold so that visitors are not confused when they are going to shop.

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5. Product Description and CTA

A good online shop will make visitors understand what is being sold and marketed by the online shop. Provide detailed product information such as material, size, weight, and various other main points so that visitors get all important information about the product.

After there is detailed information, then make sure the CTA button is clearly visible and it is important to make it stand out so that visitors know what to press when they are interested in the product.

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