5 Terrible Impacts If There Are No Mountains on Earth

5 Terrible Impacts If There Are No Mountains on Earth

5 Terrible Impacts If There Are No Mountains on Earth

Netgenz - Science | Indonesia is counted as one of the countries that have the most volcanoes in the world. There are at least 127 active volcanoes registered and more than 20 mountains with an inactive status on Indonesian soil. Therefore, various natural disasters caused by mountains are of special concern to several experts. Several natural disasters such as eruptions, hot clouds, volcanic earthquakes have often hit this country.

Speaking of mountains, have you ever thought about why the earth was made of mountains? What if there wasn't even a single mountain on this earth?

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Here are 5 Terrible Impacts If There Are No Mountains on Earth

1. Often there are powerful earthquakes

In the past, when you were in school, you must have been taught that the earth's crust is made up of straight lines that keep moving and collide together to make folds that appear above the earth's surface to form mountains.

Nach, if the straight motion of the earth does not make mountain folds, because of that the earth's straight changes that occur will be faster and together cause extraordinary collisions, eventually large earthquakes will be common.

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2. The temperature of the earth will continue to rise until it explodes

The tree of the earth has the hottest temperature like a fireball. The earth's principal regularly emits hot gas to keep the earth's temperature constant. The hot gas created by the earth's core is released through active volcanoes.

Think about what would happen if there were no volcanoes all over the world? The temperature in the earth will continue to increase until it causes great pressure and makes our planet erupt and crumble. Horror right?

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3. The land becomes barren and arid

Every few years a volcano usually explodes and releases magma which is mixed with many minerals. After being allowed to stand for a while, the magma will cool and turn into several important elements needed by the soil. As a result, the soil becomes fertile and various plants can grow well.

On the other hand, if there were no mountains from the face of the earth, therefore every inch of land could become completely barren and arid, plants would be difficult to grow and the majority of the plains on earth would be like deserts.

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4. The cycle of water formation will be disrupted

In the transition of water development, after the water in the sea evaporates and forms clouds. The cloud will walk towards the mountainous area and then fall into a few drops of rain. The area around the mountain is more humid and has more groundwater reserves because the soil around the mountain is fertile and has lots of trees.

Because mountain territory has less gravity, water also eventually flows from the mountain towards the river until it ends up in the ocean. If there were not a single mountain from the face of the earth, it can be emphasized that the water transition would be disturbed, drought could also occur anywhere.

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5. There will be a great air current and destroy the whole earth

The number of mountains makes the surface of our planet uneven, and the shape of this uneven surface can hinder the generation of strong air currents that occur due to heat inequalities. In the ocean area, excess hot air that is in the equatorial region will be carried to the north and south sides of the earth, which results in a more balanced and even heat inequality.

For information, the temperature difference in the equatorial and polar regions reaches 120 degrees Celsius. If such a large temperature difference occurs on a flat earth, then the worst thing that might happen is a big storm that will destroy what is already on the earth.

That's a description of some of the things that would happen if our planet was made without mountains. We deserve to be grateful because even though sometimes mountains can cause disasters such as mountains exploding and earthquakes, apparently the benefits given by mountains are greater.

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