5 Nutritious Durian Facts

5 Nutritious Durian Facts

5 Nutritious Durian Facts

Netgenz - Health |  Durian is a fruit that is famous especially in our own country. The sharp smell and really characteristic are its antique features. Some of them make this fruit a favorite fruit, some are common, and some are not strong with the smell.

Durian has a variety of nutritional values ​​that are very good for the body, such as healthy fats, fiber, B vitamins, vitamin C, iron, and others. However, the durian you eat does not always have a good effect on your body.

In some circumstances, consumption of durian can also have bad effects or effects on the body. Want to know? Yok, read five proofs of the health of this thorny fruit, quoted by Healthline, HealthXChange, RafflesHealth, and other sources. There are bad effects too.

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Here are 5 Nutritious Durian Facts

1. Can aggravate diabetes

Found 100 g of durian flesh contains 140 to 180 calories and sugar about 7 to 13 g. The high fructose and glucose content in durian can increase the blood sugar content in diabetic patients.

Therefore, it is important to remember the consumption of durian in diabetic patients. Consumption in small quantities or even avoiding it is good for maintaining blood sugar.

The same goes for you who are healthy. Still watching and watching the consumption, yes. Although delicious, too much sugar is not good for your body.

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2. One of the triggers for weight gain

For those of you who are on a diet or those of you who are maintaining your weight, then eating durian should not be done. Although durian does not contain cholesterol or bad fat, durian is a high-calorie fruit.

Small durian fruit weighing 500 to 600 grams has 800 calories. This amount is equal to almost 1/2 of the recommended daily calories for adults. This number of calories is definitely not always related to excess calorie consumption which has the potential to increase body weight.

If you make it as an alternative to heavy meal portions or a source of energy, then it's not too much of a problem. However, if durian is a snack or distraction that you often consume accompanied by other heavy foods, then there is a chance that your body weight can also increase. The content of glucose and fructose in the durian should be important to remember.

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3. Hot

Durian is also known as a hot fruit. This is related to the sulfide in it which stimulates substances in the body until dawn, the body rises and you will feel hot.

Several other effects that can occur if you consume too much durian are increased phlegm, constipation, canker sores, and sore throat. Therefore, look at the amount of durian you consume, yes!

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4. The combination of durian consumption with alcoholic beverages is not recommended

Consumption of durian fruit by drinking alcoholic beverages is not a recommended combination and even needs to be avoided. Symptoms that can be displayed if you eat them at the same time are bloating digestive problems, hangovers, or other symptoms that are even worse.

When alcohol and durian are eaten at the same time, the liver has to work harder to process sugar and fat. The sulfur content in durian affects the slow metabolism of beer or alcohol.

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5. The pungent smell of durian

As a secret, durian is a fruit with the sharpest smell and even the smell is quite difficult to disappear if we eat it in a room, plus an air-conditioned room. Surely this smell is not acceptable to everyone.

It is said that durian contains more than 40 active compounds that make the smell so piercing. Even the smell of this fruit is described as a combination of smells of sulfur, spices, rotten eggs, caramel, fruit, roasted onions, and dirt.

That's why it's forbidden to bring durian on planes unless it's wrapped without smelling. But for durian lovers, the smell of this fruit is the smell that is the most uploading and even billable for consumption.

Nah, how are you? Are you a durian lover or don't you like him? For you durian lovers, you should see how much fruit you consume so that it doesn't actually pose a danger to your body, OK?

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