5 National Team Squads with the Most Expensive Price Today

5 National Team Squads with the Most Expensive Price Today

5 National Team Squads with the Most Expensive Price Today

Netgenz - Netizen buzz Sport | In 2022, various great competitions are being held for the men's soccer team. Apart from the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations won by Senegal, there will be the 2022 World Cup to be held in Qatar. Talking about the national team, apparently, there are many countries with the most expensive teams right now. Some of these countries have many star players in some great clubs. More or less which team, huh?

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Here are 5 National Team Squads with the Most Expensive Price Today

1. England  (Rp 15.67 trillion)

England is known to have many players who are members of great European teams. Not only that, quite a lot of English players are priced expensively, such as Harry Kane, Raheem Sterling, Jack Grealish, to Mason Mount. When totaled, their team's bandrol reaches 993. five million euros or equal to Rp. 15.67 trillion. However, the prices for England goalkeepers and defenders are not as expensive as some midfielders and forwards.

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2. France (Rp 15.4 trillion)

The champions of the 2018 World Cup as well as the 2021 UEFA Nations League, France, have a lot of expensive players. When totaled, the current French team has a value of 978. five million euros, or equal to Rp. 15.4 trillion.

Some French players who have expensive prices are Raphael Varane, Jules Kunde, Christopher Nkunku, to Kylian Mbappe. Paris Saint-Germain player, Mbbape, became the most expensive player in France with a price tag of IDR 2.5 trillion.

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3. Brazil (Rp 13.2 trillion)

Brazil is one of the national teams that have many star players today. In addition to defending great clubs, many of which are priced high, such as Neymar, Alisson, to Vinicius Junior. The total bandrol of the Brazilian team currently reaches 841. five million euros, or equal to Rp. 13.2 trillion. The Brazilian player with the most expensive price tag is currently achieved by Vinicius Junior with 100 million euros or Rp. 1.5 trillion.

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4. Spain (Rp12.3 trillion)

There is no need to doubt the quality of the current Spanish national team. Apart from being supported by some great players, Spain has a lot of expensive players in its squad. Some of the expensive Spanish players are Rodri, Pedri, Gavi, and Marcos Llorente.

It is not surprising that the current total value of the Spanish team is 783.5 million euros, or equal to Rp. 12.3 trillion. Pedri is still the most expensive player that Spain has, which is 80 million euros or IDR 1.2 trillion.

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5. Portugal (Rp12.3 trillion)

Portugal is one of the big teams in the world today. Apart from having Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal has many other top players, such as Ruben Dias, Pepe, Bernardo Silva, to Diogo Jota. Bruno Fernandes is still the most expensive player in Portugal at 90 million euros.

When totaled, all Portuguese players currently have a price tag of 782. five million euros or the same as Rp. 12.3 trillion. Cristiano Ronaldo himself is only priced at IDR 552 billion, remembering his age which is not young again.

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