5 Mysterious Things That Are on the Moon

5 Mysterious Things That Are on the Moon

5 Mysterious Things That Are on the Moon

Netgenz - Science | The moon is one of the natural satellites of the Earth. The moon as one of the natural satellites in the solar system is of the same enormous size.

Even so, there are some mysteries about the Moon that have not been revealed. Nach, with increasingly advanced science and technology, humans can unravel many mysteries on the Moon.

Well, want to know the explanation? How do researchers in uncovering it? Yok, read the article to the end, OK!

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Here are 5 Mysterious Things That Are on the Moon

1. The dark side of the moon

The dark side of the moon

moon surface illustration

One of the biggest mysteries of the Moon in the presence of dark sides on several sides of its upper surface. It has long been linked to various conspiracy theories related to aliens. Actually, when viewed from the perspective of science, there is nothing strange about it. So, what exactly, sich, is the dark side of the Moon?

Quoted in the Center Room, the dark side of the Moon actually refers to the hemisphere of the Moon facing away from Earth's view. Nach, it turns out that NASA has been studying this for a long time. Automatically, there is a misunderstanding of this. The dark side of the Moon that is at the farthest point from the Earth should be more accurately described as the far side of the Moon.

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2. The existence of many craters on the Moon

The existence of many craters on the Moon

illustration of the Earth seen from the Moon

Are craters on the Moon just like that? Why are there so many craters created there? Previously, it was not known with certainty what was the trigger for the creation of a crater on the Moon. In fact, according to the predictions of NASA researchers, the number of craters on the Moon is 180 times more than on Earth.

According to NASA, the Earth and Moon have actually been hit by space rocks many times in the 4.5 billion years since their creation. However, Earth is more fortunate because it has a natural process to eliminate craters caused by meteor impacts. The natural processes are erosion, tectonics, and volcanism, or the process of releasing magma that covers the Earth's surface.

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3. Does the Moon have natural satellites?

Does the Moon have natural satellites

moon sighting illustration

This question is quite intriguing for science. Yep, with its various characters, does the Moon have its own natural satellite? It must be understood that the Moon has its own gravitational force. That means objects with a small mass around them should be able to move around the Moon like other natural satellites.

Science has the answer and astronomers have made it clear that the Moon has no natural satellites. Earth Sky explained that around the Moon it was not found that there were other moons around it. In fact, on the moons of other planets, such as Jupiter and Saturn, there is not even a single object that is seen as a natural satellite of the moon.

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4. Alien objects that look like man-made

Alien objects that look like man-made

illustration of the moon at night

There is an image of a mysterious foreign object that was secured by the Chinese National Space Agency (CNSA) some time ago. The shape of the object does look prime and looks like a man-made box. However, at that time, the Chinese faction had not given any response regarding this.

Nach, quoted by Science Alert, the object was eventually found as compact rocks on the surface of the Moon. Its geometric performance with sharp corners is due to the optical fantasy that emerges from viewpoints, rays, and shadows. Well, this verification was carried out by the CNSA themselves after they sent an unmanned rover called Yutu-2.

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5. Moon Core

Moon Core

illustration of the surface of the moon from a telescope

Based on NASA's information, the Moon has principal which is mostly divided into iron and nickel. The inner core as a solid mass is about 480 km in diameter. Previously, researchers and experts only carried out analyses and forecasts related to the subject of the Moon.

However, based on the seismometers installed on the Moon in Apollo's vision, data were obtained that earthquakes frequently occur on the surface of the Moon because of the Earth's gravity. With this data, there is also evidence that the Moon's core has a dense and compact mixture depending on its depth.

Many things that were previously considered mystical, can now be solved through studies that have been carried out by science. Nach, do you think there are still some unsolved mysteries on the Moon?

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