5 Kinds of Cashew Cookies for Business Ideas for Eid

5 Kinds of Cashew Cookies for Business Ideas for Eid

5 Kinds of Cashew Cookies for Business Ideas for Eid

Netgenz - Business | The one-dish cookie was a must at important celebratory occasions and was often used as a new garden to pocket profits. The structure of the cake that tends to be savory and easy to chew is liked by some people.

In fact, one of the snacks that cannot be separated from the favorites of Indonesians, of course, includes cashew nuts. Like the following five types of cashew nut cookies, which can be recommendations for attractive cake-making ideas for businesses.

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Here are 5 Kinds of Cashew Cookies for Business Ideas for Eid

1. Classic peanut cake

Classic peanut cake

Classic peanut cake

One of the classic cookies with cashew nuts as raw material is none other than peanut cake. This dish is often found during religious holidays in Indonesia, complete with a sprinkling of cashews on the top of the baked cake.

Not only used as a topping but some cashews are also set aside to be crushed and combined with the flour mixture. Also, spread the surface of the cookie dough using egg yolk so that the colored mixture is more compact.

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2. Cashew chocolate cake

Cashew chocolate cake

Cashew chocolate cake

The next meal is specially made for you or your loved ones who like various kinds of chocolate cookies, but delicious plus the addition of nuts. This dish is mentioned with chocolate nut cookies.

Use flour, butter, and powdered sugar. Furthermore, the chocolate flavor is obtained from the addition of cocoa powder. When it's created, you can add cashews as a topping or it can be chopped to add to a special dough.

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3. Thumbprint cashew nuts

Thumbprint cashew nuts

Who among you likes to enjoy a unique cookie called this thumbprint? The dish that shows the filling on the curved side really sells well because of the combination of a legit taste and an attractive appearance.

For the dough to be at the forefront, it is recommended to increase the use of cashew nuts pieces. And the contents can be innovated using fruit jam or chocolate jam so that it becomes even more delicious when tasted.

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4. Cashew nut snow princess

Cashew nut snow princess

Cashew nut snow princess

It is undeniable that Snow White is still an idol to this day for the majority of Indonesians. The dish is processed using a mixture of soft sugar that makes the cake look like it's covered in snow.

The special ingredients used in Snow White itself, are the same as using wheat flour. However, the use of mashed cashews will add a sharp nutty effect to this assortment of dishes.

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5. Cashew Biscotti

Cashew Biscotti

Cashew Biscotti

Biscotti is a crunchy snack that is most suitable for tea companions. The appearance itself is longer than the cake that we commonly encounter with pieces of nuts contained in it.

In the process of making biscotti itself, flour needs to be combined using cashew that has been pulverized. Then there is also cinnamon, developer powder, to baking soda. Add chopped cashews to optimize performance.

Who can't wait to try the five foods above? Cookies with cashew nuts are indeed so attractive and make anyone crazy. Yok, try one of those dishes as an idea to sell your holiday cake.

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