5 Investments Other than Stocks with Abundant Profits

5 Investments Other than Stocks with Abundant Profits

5 Investments Other than Stocks with Abundant Profits

Netgenz - Stock | You are certainly no stranger to the word investment lately. Usually, people will immediately be drawn to the process of buying shares in a company. This is done so that the owner gets some benefits from the company. It's easy to pocket profits by keeping quiet.

Investment actually has two types, namely, neck up and neck down. Stocks are of the neck-down investment type. Therefore, try some of the following investments that are useful for you

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Here are 5 Investments Other than Stocks with Abundant Profits

1. Adding knowledge

One of the most important investments that you must have is knowledge. Knowledge is a neck-up investment that will really work for you. Of course, the intended knowledge is useful knowledge for yourself to be applied in life.

In today's era, we are easily connected to various kinds of information. Use it to increase self-knowledge. With more knowledge, you will feel the world is in your hands.

2. Buy gold and keep it

Another type of investment that often exists these days is gold. One of the gold products in Indonesia itself is Antam's gold which is considered globally. The price of gold in the world over time will often experience a price increase. The gold investment will be suitable for long-term investment.

From the results of gold investment, it will be felt when it is marketed within 5 to 20 years or longer. Gold will be more expensive and very rare, until the price when it is re-marketed will be high and you will get abundant profits. Try to buy and save gold from now on.

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3. Properties

As we know, the number of world citizens is increasing every year. This development resulted in an increase in the importance of the house. In fact, nowadays more people choose to live in apartments than to own a house. Therefore, entering the property investment sector will make you profit in the future.

Buy a plot of land or invest some funds in property ownership. Be borne, the benefits that you can get in the future will abound in silence. You can set aside some funds to save, then invest in property ownership.

4. Owning livestock

Human food needs are very important in their daily life to support life. This is the basis for taking advantage of primary needs for profit. Some make a business or taste it yourself. By having livestock, you will have several advantages, namely:

  • Helping tasks that require human labor;
  • Working together with industry to supply raw materials;
  • Make it a business;
  • Meet your own needs.

From now on you can try to save money to buy one of the livestock. No need in large quantities, just buy a pair of male and female. Look at the results of your treatment over the next year or 2 years.

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5. Alms

The number one best investment in the world is charity. Alms as the best act of charity for ourselves someone. Giving charity does not only affect wealth but also the comfort of the soul. The benefits obtained will be felt in this world and the hereafter.

Charity does not require a specific goal, just a sincere heart. We can give alms to anyone, not just the poor. One of the small forms of alms is smiling. Therefore, if you like yourself and your wealth, try giving charity.

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