5 Home Business Ideas to Try

5 Home Business Ideas to Try

5 Home Business Ideas to Try

Netgenz - Business | The month of Ramadan is getting closer. The 1st of Ramadan may fall in early April 2022. Generally, the month of Ramadan is used as an opportunity to start a new business.

Nach, this Ramadan is a little different from the first 2 years, namely 2020 and 2021. Even though there is still the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), residents' activities this year are not much limited, unlike the first 2 years. This will affect business or business opportunities in the month of Ramadan.

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Here are 5 Home Business Ideas to Try

1. Trade takjil for iftar

Of course, the snack business for breaking the fast or takjil has a great opportunity in the month of Ramadan. What's more, now residents are starting to do activities outside the home, unlike the first 2 years, which were more and more indoors, including prioritizing the consumption of homemade dishes.

So the new normal in the month of Ramadan this year is an opportunity to start a takjil business. The snacks prepared can be various, for example, fried foods, porridge, compote, green banana ice, fruit ice, and others. In general, selling takjil does not require large capital, especially if the production is carried out at home.

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2. Business of dates and other fruits

This fruit is a featured menu throughout the month of Ramadan. Although dates do not grow in Indonesia, many people like the fruit. The date palm business is an idea worth trying in this year's Ramadan. Besides being the same as the months of Ramadan and Eid, dates have the advantage that they last a long time or do not rot easily.

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3. Eid cookies and parcels

Even though Eid is still far away, there is nothing wrong with preparing a pastry and parcel business ahead of time. Better again, if you prepare some raw materials that can be put long before Ramadan, to get the usual price.

It is known that every year some basic necessities, especially basic necessities, increase in price during the month of Ramadan and approaching Eid al-Fitr. You can also buy some of the tools needed to make the parcel before the price goes up.

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4. Laundry business

Generally, cleaning services for clothes or laundry are quite good in the month of Ramadan. Doing laundry is not an easy task, it is tiring. For some people who are busy working in the month of Ramadan, laundry services are a helper.

You can provide kilo laundry services for dry cleaning, cleaning, ironing, or just ironing. Then, to strengthen the loyal customer base, try to market a laundry shuttle service. Until loyal consumers are easier. In the end, you can increase the loyalty of loyal customers by offering a laundry package/month, along with a logical discount.

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5. Car wash service

As mentioned earlier, this year's residents' activities are getting higher. Roads in several big cities have also experienced congestion again, especially during peak hours. That way, the use of individual vehicles began to increase again.

This situation makes the vehicle dirty faster, and so that it can be cleaned or washed faster. To answer that need, you can offer vehicle cleaning services directly to your house. So, connecting to your vehicle cleaning service is easier.

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