5 Free Applications to Develop MSME Business

5 Free Applications to Develop MSME Business

5 Free Applications to Develop MSME Business

Netgenz - Business | The arrival of technology provides many opportunities for business owners, not unless you run a micro, small and medium business, aka MSME.

In addition to providing opportunities, technology that comes and can be reached via cellphones can make your business more developed. Enough from the cellphone, you can optimize your business through the business program that has been downloaded in it.

There are many waivers that you can get by using business programs, including being easier and neater in running your business every day, not spending a lot of money because some of the existing features are free, and being able to provide maximum service to loyal customers.

These are some of the applications that are suitable to be used as MSME programs.

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Here are 5 Free Applications to Develop MSME Business

1. Anti-confusion with program contributions from notes to analytics

Capture ideas when they arrive as important to your business moving forward. Being an organized business person, Evernote or OneNote is a special way out.

Both programs are feature-rich enough and can help you or your team in various needs, from making notes, checklists, to making agendas.

At the same time, coming up with ideas requires deep research. Therefore, tools such as Google Analytics and Ahrefs can be used so that you can follow the latest changes to recognize the business competition map so that you can take accurate strategies.

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2. Have an all in one business control program

When starting a business, some things are important for you to look at so that the MSMEs you manage can be more productive and don't take time.

Therefore, having a companion in the form of an all-in-one business program such as POS which is divided into digital data collection, payment acceptance, product control to marketing analytics is a necessity so that your business can progress.

To answer all of that, Youtap's business program can be used for the needs of your MSMEs. Just take it, you can get some of those productivity features for free.

Besides that, another thing that is often felt by MSMEs when selling is how to get stock of goods quickly and easily. When you and your team don't have time to buy directly, you can take advantage of Youtap's stock program through the Stock Shopping feature. Through the stock program, you can of course save shopping time and simplify the process of controlling your business effectively.

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3. Make the appearance of the business more attractive

To increase the added value in your online store, unique and attractive designs are very important now. If you're not ready to work on special graphic design services, you can use the Canva program to create beautiful graphics.

With several hundred templates prepared, those of you who don't have design skills at all will be able to make business appearance designs quickly and provide satisfaction.

To make product photos better, you can also use the Klip Down program. You can easily edit product photos for content purposes on social media or the web without the need for a photo studio.

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4. add visibility to your business in the digital realm

So that loyal consumers can reach your business more broadly, therefore your presence in the digital realm needs to be made. In addition, through social media, to display more technical information about your business such as hours of operation, business groups, to business addresses, Google My Business is a tool that you need to have. You can also find out how loyal consumers feel about your business through the rating mechanism given by loyal consumers through the program.

In addition, communication to loyal consumers also needs to be carried out so that it becomes smoother. For that, you can take advantage of the WhatsApp for Business program because of several existing features such as quick replies, displaying lists, or displaying business profiles.

For social media, you can place a link in the description using the Linktree program so that customers can more easily contact you.

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5. Manage content better with digital marketing tools

Content management is not a foreign thing for every business actor. To make things easier, Hootsuite can be used so that your social media can be managed simultaneously from just one program.

When you want to get your message across to loyal customers, it's also important to reach them digitally. Through a program like Mailchimp, you can simultaneously distribute a promo that has been made in the form of a newsletter to the details of the e-mail address that has been set. This is definitely a great opportunity to improve your marketing, keep your customers coming back, and get new subscribers.

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