5 Foods Source of Calcium for Pregnant Women

5 Foods Source of Calcium for Pregnant Women

5 Foods Source of Calcium for Pregnant Women

Netgenz - Health | During pregnancy, mothers need a variety of nutrients in increasing amounts to support the process of fetal development and changes. One of the nutrients that should not be separated from attention is calcium. The role of this one mineral is to help the process of building bones and teeth, providing support for changes in muscle, heart, and nervous mechanisms.

Calcium deficiency has the potential to cause bone metabolism problems, both in mother and baby. Therefore, these nutrients need to be met, one of which is through food every day. The following is a list of calcium-rich foods that are recommended for pregnant women.

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Here are 5 Foods Source of Calcium for Pregnant Women

1. Milk and dairy products

This food line is well known for being a great source of calcium. How not, one cup of milk or the same as 237 ml contains around 326 mg of calcium. This can meet 25% of calcium requirements during pregnancy. Furthermore, quoted Healthline, calcium in milk has high absorption in the intestine.

In terms of milk, dairy products such as yogurt offer a fairly high calcium content. One cup of yogurt can meet 24% of calcium needs for pregnant women. Not only that, yogurt contains good probiotics to keep the good bacteria in the gut.

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2. Sardines

Consumption of seafood in pregnant women raises a variety of cons and pros. This is because rumors that the mercury content in seafood is worried about disturbing the growth of the fetus. However, quoted by Mayoclinic, several kinds of seafood are safe to eat because the mercury content is relatively small.

One of them is sardines. According to the Medical News Today website, this one can of food apparently contains up to 569 mg of calcium in a cup. This can meet almost 50% of the calcium needs of pregnant women. Consumption of sardines alone is recommended for about 2 to 3 rations in one week.

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3. Green vegetables

In addition to animal foods, green leafy vegetables have a fairly large calcium content. This includes spinach, kale, and broccoli. Vegetables are a good source of vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants to provide metabolic support and maintain immunity.

Unfortunately, the absorption of calcium from green vegetables is quite low. This is because vegetables contain oxalic acid which can block the absorption of calcium in the intestines. Therefore, even though they have a high calcium content, vegetables cannot be a source of food to meet calcium needs.

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4. Almonds

Of all the types of nuts available, almonds are the highest source of calcium. This is an alternative for mothers who are on a vegan diet or who do not like dairy and seafood such as sardines.

In addition to being a source of calcium, almonds contain protein, good fats, and vitamin E which are no less useful for the body. To make it even more delicious, almonds can be made into a variety of dishes, such as roasted almonds, energy bars, and many more.

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5. Tofu

Processed soybeans this one is definitely familiar to residents. In fact, tofu is a food that many people like because of its smooth texture and delicious taste. In addition, tofu contains many nutrients that are good for the body.

Calcium is one of the favorite nutrients in tofu. Quoted by WebMD, 1/2 cup of tofu contains 253 mg of calcium which can meet about 21% of the calcium needs of pregnant women. In addition, tofu has a fairly complete protein content so that it can all meet daily protein needs.

Witnessing the primacy of calcium throughout pregnancy, this list of calcium sources is a recommendation to eat. However, you should ask your doctor or nutritionist to find out if you need supplements in addition to meeting calcium needs.

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