5 Facts about Mongolia

5 Facts about Mongolia

5 Facts about Mongolia

Netgenz - Science | Speaking of regard to Mongolia, it feels like this country rarely hears the info. Different from other East Asian territories such as Japan or South Korea who are currently talked about.

Although actually, this country has a variety of special peculiarities to be passed. Mongolia has residents who live their lives by switching to a place aka nomadic.

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Here are 5 Facts about Mongolia

1. The country that is "surrounded" another country

The country that is "surrounded" another country

Mongolia country map illustration

Could One of the countries in East Asia Territory, Mongolia has a unique geographical location because it is clamped by Russia on the north and China in the south. The condition made Mongolia a "surrounded" country, as quoted by Britannica.

However, the economy of this country can still run well. The problem is that many countries have commodities for export. The Office of the United States Trade Representative provides a report if Mongolia often exports various commodities such as copper, crude oil, livestock products, cashmere, to coal.

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2. Ulaanbaatar is the capital city of Mongolia

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Portrait of Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia with a population of 1.3 million people

Ulaanbaatar or Danan Bator is the capital of Mongolia. Discover Mongolia provides a report, there is a minimum of 1, three million people who live in Ulaanbaatar from the whole of the Mongolian state community with some three million people. This city includes unique because it lifts two factors namely the present lives and nomads as the uniqueness of Mongolia.

Although it is the center of economic, political, to tourism activities, Ulaanbaatar is not a healthy location to be occupied. Quoted by UNICEF, the level of air pollution in this city is very high. The essence of burning coal throughout the winter.

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3. Identical with nomadic lifestyles

Identical with nomadic lifestyles

Mongolian nomadic life illustration

One of the interesting things about the Mongolian nation is the nomadic lifestyle taken throughout the year. Discover Mongolia provides a report of whether residents in places can do the nomadic activity by switching places 2-4 times in one year.

The nomadic life was brightly seen in several Mongolians who lived from pastoral livestock. When livestock has spent food in one area, therefore livestock will begin to turn towards a new place that has abundant food stock. This feeling of livestock is never wrong until some shepherds will follow where they go.

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4. House for rare Pallas cats

House for rare Pallas cats

Pallas's Cat is only as big as a house cat

Talking about Mongolia, many good faunas can be found in this country, one of them is Pallas's paint or Manul. Cats who have round pupils such as this big cat family are actually as well as home cats.

The International Society for Endangered Cats (ISEC) Canada released news that Manul occupies habitues of extensive grasslands without trees that have rainfalls and low humidity and excessive temperatures. Although living in a difficult area, Saruk can adjust very well.

Unfortunately, the number of Manul communities fell more specifically caused by illegal hunting. Therefore, this cat enters the group of protected animals.

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5. Mongolian people learn Korean

Mongolian people learn Korean

Mongolian "eagle hunter" illustration

Discover Mongolia released info if some Mongolian people talk in various languages, including Mongolian, Kazakh, Russian, and Chinese. English is used and the highest teacher is encountered in Ulaanbaatar.

What is very interesting, World Atlas provides reports if South Korea becomes a country with the largest number of Mongolian diaspora in the world. The interest of several high Mongolians to be able to live in Korea with a variety of directions influence the appreciation of high Korean language learning in this country.

Mongolia is one of the countries whose regions are in other countries. The geographical condition makes the peculiarities of the pattern of lifestyle, culture, and various other interesting things. If there is a chance, don't forget to travel to Mongolia, huh!

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