5 Facts about Lionfish

5 Facts about Lionfish

5 Facts about Lionfish

Netgenz - Science | Lionfish or in Indonesia known as le fish or zebrafish is a type of ornamental fish that is quite well known. This fish has a striped pattern on its body that is similar to the performance of a zebra.

Although it is often an ornamental fish, not everyone can keep a lionfish. The problem is that they are poisonous and can be dangerous if kept by an unskilled person. To understand more about this beautiful fish, please read the following interesting evidence!

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Here are 5 Facts about Lionfish

1. Have a recognizable physical appearance

Lionfish have several unique physical characteristics, so they are quite easy to identify. They usually have a brown or maroon coloration with white stripes running around the head and body. This fish has several fins all over its body which are dangerous for its prey.

Young lionfish measure about 2 cm, and adults can grow up to 18 cm. One more thing to note, these fish scales are oval with soft edges or called cycloid scales.

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2. Including highly poisonous fish

Quoted from the Birch Aquarium, the lionfish has a total of 18 poisonous spines that can penetrate human skin and cause a painful sting. However, the effects of the toxin are not fatal.

It should be understood, 13 spines are along the dorsal fin, 1 spine each waist fin and 3 spines on the edge of the anal fin. Therefore, special skills are needed when meeting lionfish.

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3. Active hunting at night

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration report that lionfish are considered nocturnal animals, so they are more active at night hunting. Meanwhile, during the day, they do little activity, just hiding in the crevices of the coral reefs.

Conveyed by a similar recommendation if in the Atlantic Ocean lionfish hunt during the day. However, usually, only a small number of people are seen doing other activities at night.

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4. Female lionfish can produce up to 2 million eggs per year

Birch Aquarium released, female lionfish can release about 10 to 30 thousand eggs every 4 days, throughout the whole year. Added up, they can produce about two million eggs every year!

However, the event was only found in the territory of South Florida and the Caribbean. In waters with lower temperatures, the process of releasing eggs normally takes place every 3 to four months within a year.

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5. Has invaded an area outside its natural habitat

Lionfish as a native fauna of the South Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. His home covers the most extensive area, from western Australia, Malaysia, French Polynesia, the Pitcairn Islands in Great Britain, to Japan, Korea, and New Zealand.

However, it seems that they have carried out aggression in areas outside their original community. This fish can be found as far as the southeast coast of the United States. Young lionfish are even found in Bermuda.

Lionfish as a type of fish that are often kept as pets. However, special skills are needed so as not to be stung by the poisonous thorns on his body. So, make sure to always be vigilant, yes!

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