5 Examples of Advertising Headlines for Business Promotion

5 Examples of Advertising Headlines for Business Promotion

5 Examples of Advertising Headlines for Business Promotion

Netgenz - Business | There are several types of ad headlines that can be used to promote your business. Starting from the benefits of headlines, news, gimmicks, and others.

Why is setting ad headlines important? Because, headlines are material that can provoke the public to read, see, or listen to advertisements that are broadcast. It's also not easy to make, because you have to choose sentences that are appropriate and attractive to the public.

Well, some of the types of headlines mentioned earlier can be equated with the advertising material that you want to broadcast.

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Here are 5 Examples of Advertising Headlines for Business Promotion

1. Benefit headlines

Quoted by Commerce, Thursday (10/3/2022) headline benefits include offers or benefits that residents want to get by using products from your business. For example:

  • Buy One Get Two!
  • Discount Up to 70 percent
  • Cashback Worth Hundreds of Thousands!
  • Only Today, Unlimited Shopping Only 50 THOUSAND!

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2. News headlines

This type is generally used when issuing new products, marketing seminars, events or moments, and others. Examples of news headlines, such as the following:

  • Attend the Seminar on Building a Business Without Capital that is Viral of the Century!
  • New, Enjoy the Spicy Geprek Chicken Saving Package, Only 10 Thousand.
  • Serving Delivery Throughout Indonesia, Even Overseas Every Day
  • Powerful Techniques Get Hundreds of Millions Selling Online.

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3. Selective headlines

This type of headline is intended for a specific target market. That is, the headlines are made only to attract certain groups. For example:

  • Spicy Connoisseur? Feel the Sensation of Mercon Mercon Meatballs
  • Especially for Prepaid Cardholders
  • Valid for members, without a minimum order, get wholesale prices
  • Special Training for Prospective Advocates
  • High school graduate? You Can Work Abroad!

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4. Gimmick headlines

A gimmick or gimmick is a trick used to attract attention. In writing, the gimmick is in the form of a few exaggerated sentences so that people want to read it. Generally, there are puns in the headline gimmick, such as repetition of sounds, shocking sentences, exaggerated titles, and even hoaxes. For example, like the following:

  • SUPER SINCERE! Ordered Online Items Are Really Good
  • Free Shipping, Bombastic Items
  • Surprise and Regret!

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5. Question headlines

As the name implies, this type of headline is made with a question sentence that makes anyone who reads it will answer even if in their hearts. In general, this question headline is used for the purpose of creating awareness of a brand or brand, and to bring it closer to the reader. Here's an example:

  • Is Your Savings Enough?
  • Have You Tried These Tips?
  • How To Succeed Without Capital?
  • Have You Drunk Water Today?

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