5 Effective Herbal Plants Repel Mosquitoes

5 Effective Herbal Plants Repel Mosquitoes

5 Effective Herbal Plants Repel Mosquitoes

Netgenz - Science | During the rainy season, where the place is, of course, it becomes a direct target for mosquitoes. To eradicate the mosquito community, apart from using spray medicine, apparently, you can also use several collections of herbal plants, you know!

Some of these flowering plants have a fragrance spread on their leaves or flowers which mosquitoes hate the most. Interestingly, besides being good at getting rid of mosquitoes, this row of plants is aesthetically pleasing for room decoration, here!

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Here are 5 Effective Herbal Plants Repel Mosquitoes

1. Basil tree

Basil tree

Basil tree

Not only is it a favorite for food, but this basil leaf is also good for getting rid of mosquitoes. Just as you may know, this basil leaf spreads a really strong fragrance that mosquitoes shun away. You can plant it once.

Because trees are easy to spread and grow short, you can also plant them indoors. But always try to get a stock of sunlight, yes. Best if you place it on the window frame.

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2. Rosemary



You must be familiar with this one herb, right? Rosemary leaves are commonly used as spices when preparing dishes. This leaf has a characteristic fragrance that can enhance the taste.

Because of its unique fragrance, rosemary can also be used to get rid of mosquitoes. This plant is often used to beautify the room. Besides being useful for getting rid of mosquitoes, the fragrance can also make the room fresh again.

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3. Lavender



Lavender is often a favorite variation for air fresheners or detergent. Because of the fragrance that spreads, you can also use this plant as a natural mosquito repellent. This plant is suitable for indoor plants to make the space look shadier.

The flowers on this plant are also very nice. What is clear is that this plant will be a room icon that is delicious to look at. When growing this plant, always look at the moisture in the soil and the availability of light, OK!

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4. Catswort plant

Catswort plant

In addition to being used as cold medicine, catswort or catnip plants can be a way out of dealing with mosquitoes in the room. This type of plant can grow easily, coupled with the availability of lots of light. This type of plant is easy to thrive even in the wild once.

You can use it to beautify the table as well as to reduce mosquitoes. Arrange the branches of this plant to make it look more aesthetic when you place it in the corner of your activity room.

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5. Marigold plant

Marigold plant

Marigold plant

As a beautiful plant that is often idolized to beautify the yard, marigolds can also be brewed for tea. In addition to being beautiful to look at, marigolds have a unique fragrance, where this fragrance is shunned by mosquitoes.

Plant some marigold seeds using clay pots to beautify their appearance. Always look at the humidity of the planting area so that the marigolds flower quickly. So that the stock of light is still a lot, place it on the window frame every morning until noon, OK!

Rows of indoor plants can be proven to have various benefits other than being a mosquito repellent. Yok immediately decorates your room with a row of plants above.

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