5 Business Ideas During a Pandemic Worth Trying

5 Business Ideas During a Pandemic Worth Trying

5 Business Ideas During a Pandemic Worth Trying

Netgenz - Business | The COVID-19 outbreak has left some people out of work. As a result, many are trying to open a business to continue to earn an income.

One of the businesses that are often decided during the epidemic period is selling online. This is because technological support that is increasingly developing can really help beginners in their business, both in terms of reaching loyal customers or always maintaining a safe distance during a pandemic.

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Here are 5 Business Ideas During a Pandemic Worth Trying

1. Online food business

Starting an online food business can be a lucrative opportunity to try during a pandemic. What's more, in this period more people are lazy to get out of the house. However, when running an online culinary business, it is recommended to join a program between food, online motorcycle taxis, e-commerce, selling web, or social media for online ordering.

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2. Bottled beverage business

Remember in the epidemic period, cafe and restaurant visitors are limited, customers also can't hang out to just drink coffee in places like usual. However, customer interest in drinking coffee or other types of modern drinks is still high.

On that basis, trying an online bottled beverage business could be a profitable opportunity to try. When starting this business, don't hesitate to use attractive promotional tactics, such as providing bundle packages at lower prices or providing direct discounts.

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3. Selling groceries online

If you have a grocery store, there is nothing wrong with switching to selling online. This is because some people nowadays tend to choose to shop for basic ingredients online.

Some customers who are in quarantine, self-quarantining, or following the provisions of physical distancing can't even go anywhere so they need online transportation services to buy basic necessities every day.

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4. Selling things related to hobbies

In the epidemic period where the mobilization of some people is limited, making some people often stay at home. Therefore, selling hobby-related needs online could be the most prospective business garden.

For example, selling ornamental fish or ornamental plants through online means, or sports equipment. This business is the most prospective because people who stay quiet at home tend to get bored easily so they start deepening a hobby to fill their free time.

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5. Become a reseller or drop shipper

This business idea is not only worth trying during the epidemic period. This is because the business of becoming a reseller or drop shipper can be carried out with very small capital. By working together with official stores or grocery stores to market their products, we can earn commissions on customers and earn profits.

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