5 Benefits of Soy Milk for Men

5 Benefits of Soy Milk for Men

5 Benefits of Soy Milk for Men

Netgenz - Health | Soy milk is one of the best alternatives to cow's milk. In addition to the usual benefits, soy milk offers a variety of nutrients that are important for men's health.

Soy milk is high in isoflavones, protein, vitamins, and minerals and the lowest amount of saturated fat, so consuming it can prevent and cure several health conditions in men.

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Here are 5 Benefits of Soy Milk for Men

1. Lowers the risk of prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is the second most common type of cancer in men. This cancer accounts for 15% of all cancers in men around the world.

However, the incidence of prostate cancer is lower in the male community in Asia, where soy is eaten extensively and regularly. A study published in the journal Nutrients found there was a significant link between soy consumption and a lower risk of prostate cancer.

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2. Safe for male hormones

Low libido and muscle mass, mood swings, reduced energy levels, and poor bone health as a result of low testosterone levels.

The idea that the phytoestrogens in soy interfere with testosterone production is widely believed. However, this theory has been debunked and disproved by a meta-analysis in the journal Reproductive Toxicology.

The study showed that there was no strong evidence that soy caused an increase in estrogen levels in men or had a significant effect on hormone levels. That way, it can be said that the consumption of soy milk and other soy products is safe for men.

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3. Improves heart health

Some research shows that soy protein can help reduce low-density lipoprotein (LDL) or bad cholesterol that can block arteries.

For example, a study in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health showed that consuming 25 grams of soy protein a day for six weeks helped lower LDL by 3 to 4 percent.

The process for this impact has not yet been clearly identified. However, there may be a synergistic effect between soy protein and the isoflavones present in soybeans. Soy isoflavones are strong anti-oxidants and can increase the flexibility of blood vessels and reduce infections.

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4. Good choice to increase muscle mass

Processed soybeans are a good source of vegetable protein. The majority of men still depend on animal foods to meet their protein needs, although actually getting protein from plant sources has more benefits.

Reducing consumption of meat and replacing it with soy can reduce the risk of several acute diseases without affecting protein consumption. Additionally, a study in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health found that exchanging one ration of meat for processed soy did not harm exercise results.

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5. Helps improve mental health

Suicide is the seventh leading cause of death in men. Described on the SFGate website, soy milk can help reduce the risk of suicide because it contains several micronutrients that are useful for psychological health.

For example, a cup of soy milk contains 5.8% vitamin B6, which helps the body make the neurochemical serotonin that improves mood. The magnesium content in soy milk helps increase serotonin levels, which may be as effective as some antidepressant medications.

In addition, soy milk contains a fairly high amount of vitamin D which can help prevent and treat mood swings. So, for men who are not compatible with cow's milk, it may be necessary to try soy milk as an alternative while getting some of these health benefits.

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