5 Benefits of Moringa Leaves for Skin

5 Benefits of Moringa Leaves for Skin

5 Benefits of Moringa Leaves for Skin

Netgenz - Health | Did you know, Moringa trees can withstand a minimum of three hundred dangerous diseases? Therefore, the Moringa tree is called the magic tree. Each side of the Moringa tree has enormous benefits, including the leaves.

Moringa is a plant from the Moringaceae tribe. Moringa leaves have a round shape, and the leaves are small. This plant can be planted in the open in the lowlands or highlands.

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Here are 5 Benefits of Moringa Leaves for Skin

1. Protects skin from pollution

Wherever our location is, various types of pollution are always around the environment. Pollutants penetrate the epidermis which can affect the balance in the skin.

Moringa contains phytochemicals that are rich in fatty acids (oleic acid) and antioxidants to protect the skin barrier structure. Rich oleic acid can keep the skin hydrated even though it is attacked by a lot of pollution, you know!

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2. Fights and controls acne

Acne is a skin problem that we often encounter and can destroy the skin. Excessive acne can interfere with performance, you know. You are not optimistic when you appear in front of several people.

The anti-oxidant character of Moringa leaves can ease acne-prone skin. Interestingly, Moringa leaves are also known to have antimicrobial and antiseptic properties that can treat acne. By making Moringa leaves as a mask, you can reduce infection in acne.

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3. As an anti-aging and rejuvenating skin

Our skin is exposed to UV radiation and pollution every day. Where will attack the important side of the skin cells and cause soft lines, early wrinkles, and flabby?

But don't worry, Moringa leaves as a high level of anti-oxidant containing vitamins C, A, and B which can give you a long-lasting youthful glow. The content of vitamin C can help strengthen collagen, which can reduce fine lines.

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4. Radiate the skin's natural glow

Natural light in the skin will radiate when our skin is healthy and free from the bad effects of pollution. The skin will look shiny and look more cheerful.

Moringa leaves can help reduce skin problems such as regulating oil secretion and fatigue so that they can minimize the bad effects of pollution on the skin. Using Moringa leaves will help emit natural light on the skin.

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5. Nourish dry skin

Dry skin is followed by peeling of the skin in certain places. Skin that is too dry can be itchy and scaly. Moringa can help smooth dry skin and keep it moisturized. Interestingly, not only for the skin, Moringa is suitable for dry and chapped lips.

The benefits of Moringa do not seem to be playing around, yes. This often neglected plant contains many benefits for the skin. Let's check from now on what Moringa plants are around us. Give it a try and feel the benefits.

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