5 Benefits of Kundur Fruit

5 Benefits of Kundur Fruit

5 Benefits of Kundur Fruit

Netgenz - Health | Commonly referred to as beligo, kundur fruit is rich in vitamins C, B1, B2, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, manganese, and selenium which are good for body health. Although it still sounds foreign to many people's ears, in some places the kundur fruit is a vegetable that is often eaten every day. Because of its content, there are several benefits of kundur fruit for body health.

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Here are 5 Benefits of Kundur Fruit

1. Able to overcome the symptoms of internal heat

Because it is high in mineral content, kundur fruit has benefits as a fever reducer, esophageal inflammation medicine, dry lips, and other symptoms of heartburn. Rich in vitamin C, your vitamin needs will be fulfilled with regular consumption of gourd.

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2. Helps the formation of collagen

In addition to treating symptoms of internal heat, kundur fruit can also help stimulate the development of collagen in the body. Collagen is the body itself that acts as a healer for injuries, exchanging dead skin cells with some new skin cells, joint health, and others. So indirectly, the consumption of gourd will make you look young for a long time.

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3. It is believed to treat asthma

Due to unhealthy air or other reasons, sometimes you can feel shortness of breath, aka asthma, anytime and anywhere. To prevent and cure asthma, you need to consume gourd fruit regularly and regularly. Chronic asthma will make your health more problematic in the future.

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4. Natural diet remedy

There is no need to bother doing a body management program that abuses the mind because there is a safe and efficient way to deal with it. Supported by regular food rations, you can consume kundur fruit as a natural diet remedy. Kundur fruit which has a high fiber content but is low in calories can make your weight good and always well protected.

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5. Effective in treating edema

For millennials who are unfamiliar with the term 'edema', it is possible to consume kundur fruit to deal with the problem. Edema itself is a condition in which there is abnormal swelling in the ankle due to the accumulation of fluid in one place.

Those are some of the benefits of kundur fruit for body health. So, before consuming chemical drugs, there is no harm in trying herbal medicines that have been prepared by nature for health. So you don't have any doubts about consuming gourd as a vegetable, right?

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