5 Benefits of Cold Water for Face

5 Benefits of Cold Water for Face

5 Benefits of Cold Water for Face

Netgenz - Health The desire to have cheerful and healthy facial skin is indeed a dream for anyone. Indiscriminately, both men and women are willing to take deep pockets to get the coveted facial skincare.

Well, actually there are cheap and easy steps you can take to get natural facial skincare with no less optimal results, just cold water.

Taken from the Women's Health website, a health and beauty activist, Kay Greveson from Regents Park Aesthetics, said that cold water is very good for the skin. Who would have thought that it is enough to regularly bury your face in cold water, apparently having a great effect on facial skin?

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Here are 5 Benefits of Cold Water for Face

1. Gives natural freshness to the face

The density of daily activities often makes the body feel tired and does not have enough time to rest. This can cause facial skin to look tired and shabby in the morning so it can interfere with performance.

Burying your face with cold water is a good way to restore freshness to your facial skin. The cold effect that cleans the surface of the facial skin can act as a tonic that gives a fresh effect on the facial skin.

This can be done every morning when you wake up, before doing activities, or at night before going to bed. Soaking your face in cold water before applying make-up can make the make-up look last longer.

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2. Help make facial skin bright

Trying with time to make the skin look more cheerful is not an easy thing. In addition, it is required to be diligent and regular in maintaining the facial skin, stability is needed because radiant facial skin cannot be obtained instantly.

Increasing the radiance of the facial skin can also be obtained naturally with cold water to reduce the use of chemicals and the negative effects on the facial skin.

Taken from the Health line site, Sophia Knapp, beauty expert, skincare and cosmetics, Oxygenetix, said the benefits of cold water for the skin can provide a variety of hydrotherapy, including increased circulation, increased endorphins, and increased metabolism.

Keeping your face with cold water is an alternative to help the circulation of blood up to the skin so that it can make the skin look more cheerful and fresh.

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3. Fade dark eye circles or panda eyes

Dark circles in the eyes or panda eyes can exist due to various triggers such as tired eyes, dehydration, lack of sleep, exposure to sunlight, and other triggers.

Disguising dark circles on the eyes or commonly known as panda eyes can also be done simply by hiding the face with cold water. Coldwater can help the process of narrowing the blood vessels and can reduce swelling that occurs in the eye bags.

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4. Minimize the pores that trigger the emergence of problems on the face

Having large pores on the facial skin is one of the special problems that cause other skin problems. Dilated facial pores are caused by excessive sebum production. Sebum is an oily substance made by the oil glands in the skin that is yellowish in color (sebaceous). Sebum that comes out of the pores of the face that widens causes the accumulation of various dirt on the skin.

Quoted from the Women's Health site, Dr. Art Doctor. Michael Barnish says that cold water can make facial pores smaller so that it can help improve the structure and overall performance of the skin.

Keeping your face in cold water can help reduce the pores on your face so you can protect your skin from the sun's rays and various other types of air impurities.

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5. Able to help resist premature aging

Aging is absolute in life. However, what can be done is to resist the onset of early aging. But cold water can help slow it down. Soaking the face with cold water regularly can help rejuvenate the facial skin, tighten the skin and reduce wrinkles. There's nothing wrong with trying to hide your face with cold water in the house and show yourself the benefits.

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