4 Types of Online Advertising to Get Profit

4 Types of Online Advertising to Get Profit

4 Types of Online Advertising to Get Profit

Netgenz - Business | Technological changes have been accelerating and making marketing steps more and more take advantage of technological developments. Currently, the most preferred advertising media by business people and customers is advertising that uses technology, namely online advertising.

Online advertising is a type of advertisement that uses the internet to convey the products being sold. This online advertisement can be broadcast in several places, be it on a computer, netbook, or on a cellphone.

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Here are 4 Types of Online Advertising to Get Profit

1. Google Ads

Search engines are actually not only google, there are also yahoo, bing, and several others. But what currently has the most users and is commonly used for paid search is google ads.

The emergence of crawler engines like Google has changed customer attitudes, in general, today's customers will do a product search on Google before making a purchase.

This situation can also be used to participate in placing online ads through Google Ads so that the products we market are in Google search results. Besides that, in the google ads search engine, there can be youtube ads, blogs, and ads on cellphones that we use every day, which of course can increase the marketing of our products.

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2. Social Media Ads

It is undeniable, nowadays most people spend their time scrolling through various social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The amount of time people spend on these social media makes social media the perfect location for digital marketing to place online ads.

Placement of online advertisements on social media can be targeted to prospective customers in detail based on their level of teaching, age, interests, and various other things. Some of this data is obtained and compiled by social media to provide the best advertising with our current character and needs. Until the advertisements on our social media terraces are indeed the products we are interested in.

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3. Video Marketing

The type of online advertising after that is video marketing. By using marketing videos, digital agents can make various videos such as product introduction videos, product usage demonstrations, customer reference videos, live streaming, and so on.

Video marketing is the most efficient type of online advertising. This is supported by data and reports from Vineyard, an international marketing company that focuses on online video, that 70% of companies say that video ads are more efficient for modification than other types of marketing content.

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4. Remarketing

The type of online advertising after that is remarketing, which is called the type of online advertising that targets people who have visited our website. This remarketing service can be found in online advertising types such as google ads and social media marketing.

This remarketing will be available to people who have visited our website, whether they make a purchase or not. The specific direction of remarketing is to make loyal potential customers remember the products they have seen and on which websites they saw it because sometimes customers will not immediately make a purchase at that time. 

This online remarketing advertisement plays a role in reminding and growing interest so that this type of online advertisement is one of the types of online advertising that can be proven to be successful in increasing product marketing conversions.

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