4 Inter Milan Players Who Shine Against Liverpool

4 Inter Milan Players Who Shine Against Liverpool

4 Inter Milan Players Who Shine Against Liverpool

Netgenz - Netizen buzz Sport | Inter Milan did not manage to slide into the quarter-finals. In the second round of the 2021/22 Champions League last 16 at Anfield, Wednesday (9/3/2022) morning, they were only able to win 1-0 against Liverpool.

This victory made them unable to chase down the 2 goal difference than Liverpool got in the first round. Inter also has to eliminate their desire to slide deep in the Champions League this season. Nevertheless, the struggle of the Nerazzurri team deserves a thumbs up.

In that struggle, there were four names from Inter who showed cool performances. They brought Inter's game to life in this match.

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Here are 4 Inter Milan Players Who Shine Against Liverpool

1. Milan Skriniar

Milan Skriniar showed his prowess as a world-class defender in this match. He kept the defense well and made Liverpool's attack line run wild. Squawka wrote, Skriniar recorded a 100% successful tackle percentage.

Skriniar managed to steal the ball about 4 times, winning two matches. and recorded nine strokes. He became a ball distributor through his record of 41 passes, with an accuracy percentage of 88%. He became a rock in the Inter defense line.

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2. Arturo Vidal

Helping Skriniar in the defensive line, there was Arturo Vidal who became the butcher in Inter Milan's midline. He managed to make Liverpool's attack process disturbed from the middle. He recorded three tackles, three clearances, and two interceptions so far in the game.

Not only that, Vidal won 100% of aerial fights in this match, and won eight fights. When there is a chance, he has entered the enemy's final third place about 7 times and 13 times released a pass to the enemy's final third place.

Vidal's mobilization in this match was really good. Finally, Inter's midfield came alive. His combination with Marcelo Brozovic became Inter's life in this match.

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3. Marcelo Brozovic

Vidal's partner in the middle, Marcelo Brozovic, looked cool in this match. If Vidal becomes the butcher, Brozovic becomes the metronome of Inter's game from the middle. 59 passes, combined with four passes into the final third, made Inter's ball distribution work in this match.

Not only that, Brozovic participated a lot in the game with 67 touches of the ball. He managed to record one key pass and had 2 times entered the enemy's final third. He supports Inter's attack line through his passes.

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4. Lautaro Martinez

The last Inter player to perform well in this match was Lautaro Martinez. He managed to record 1 goal, so at the same time breaking the deadlock for Inter. Unfortunately, this goal has not been able to lead Inter into the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

However, Martinez did well in this match. His off-the-ball movement rattled the Liverpool defense, leaving room for another Inter Milan player. His combination with Alexis Sanchez went smoothly, although, in the end, Sanchez had to leave because he got two yellow cards.

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