4 Heroes Who Helped Barcelona Beat Real Madrid

4 Heroes Who Helped Barcelona Beat Real Madrid

4 Heroes Who Helped Barcelona Beat Real Madrid

Netgenz - Netizen buzz Sport | Barcelona performed brilliantly in Jornada 29 LaLiga 2021/22. Meeting Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu, Monday (21/3/2022) morning, the Blaugrana won with an absolute score of 4-0. They performed brilliantly in this match.

Because of this victory, Barcelona increasingly pushed up to the top class of LaLiga. Now, they are only three points away from Sevilla in second place in the Everywhere standings. Barcelona is back to its place in the top class of LaLiga.

In addition, from this victory, three players brought Barcelona to beat Real Madrid. Who are they?

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Here are 4 Heroes Who Helped Barcelona Beat Real Madrid

1. Pedri

Day by day, Pedri's performance with Barcelona is getting cooler. In the match against Madrid, he appeared again in control of the middle row. His passing distribution brought Barcelona to life, with a record 64 passes, plus an 88% pass accuracy.

In addition, Pedri was successful in six matches, and five times superior possession of the ball. He was actively involved in the attack, detailing five passes into the final third and creating one chance.

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2. Frenkie de Jong

Not only Pedri, but the Barcelona midfielder also looked cool in this match. This is Frenkie de Jong. The Dutchman helped Pedri keep Barcelona's supremacy in the middle row of Madrid's enemies. He recorded 56 passes, with 95% passing accuracy.

De Jong often helps the attack with a record 11 passes to the final third place, and created 3 chances. He helps the defense by winning the match 4 times and taking the ball from the enemy 4 times.

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3. Gerard Pique

Gerard Pique looks cool in the match against Madrid. His quality as a senior defender is visible. He led the Barcelona defense line to block Madrid's attack line. He recorded four clearances, 10 picks, one tackle, and one intercept.

Not only that, Pique enjoyed his shrewdness in the distribution of the ball. He recorded 15 passes into the enemy's final third, plus touched the ball about 95 times. From this note, apart from defending, Pique seems to be participating in the game

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4. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang had a cool gait in the El Clasico match with Barcelona. He scored 2 successful goals in this match, bringing Barcelona to victory. But, more than that, Aubameyang did look good overall.

Aubameyang had nine touches in the box, six shots, and four chances in this game. Not only goals, but Aubameyang also recorded one assist for Barcelona in the match against Real Madrid.

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