4 Digital Marketing Strategies for MSMEs

4 Digital Marketing Strategies for MSMEs

4 Digital Marketing Strategies for MSMEs

Netgenz - Business | In today's digital age, business competition is getting tougher. Every business certainly does various types of business to attract prospective customers for their respective businesses. 

Promotional activities that have been carried out by several business people now have to be carried out more and more through digital media to reach prospective customers for the products being sold. There have been many Indonesian digital agents who have provided services for digital marketing tactics.

Therefore, some business people in this digital age must be able to attract some of their customers with accurate digital marketing tactics. The selection of the right digital marketing is the key to the success of marketing a product.

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Here are 4 Digital Marketing Strategies for MSMEs

1. SEO

One of the important points for business people to have today is to have a website that has been optimized for SEO well. By having a website, MSME business players can reach a wider market, reaching various parts of Indonesia and abroad.

By having a website, it's like we have a shop that is open 24 hours a day to serve the needs of prospective customers. But having a website is not enough, MSME business people must be able to implement SEO strategies that aim to reach the first page in the keywords we specify.

By being on the first page, the website owned by MSME business actors can immediately be found by prospective customers who want to buy MSME products being sold.

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2. SEM

SEO tactics are one of the cheap steps to be carried out by some MSME business people, but getting to the first page of a crawler engine like Google takes quite a long time.

Therefore, some MSME business players must also apply digital marketing tactics called SEM or Search Engine Marketing. This SEM tactic is as a paid ad placement on several online bases, such as Instagram, Facebook, or Google.

One of the SEM methods that are often used using PPC is Pay Per Click, where we will only pay for each click on the link that we promote. PPC is a quick step to improve marketing and is one of the leading MSME business players.

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3. Social Media Marketing

Digital marketing tactics then use social media marketing. As we all know, social media is now one of the most common online bases used by Indonesians and the world. Therefore, take advantage of social media marketing as one of the right digital marketing tactics for MSMEs.

One of the steps in social media marketing by working together with influencers or also known as celebgram calls. Influencers are people who already have a large number of followers on their social media.

By working with influencers, some MSME business people can offer the products they sell to followers of these influencers. Besides that, it can increase the confidence of prospective customers to buy MSME products because they are propagated by people they know and idolize.

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4. E-mail Marketing

Another marketing tactic that SMEs can use is e-mail marketing. Marketing e-mails are generally e-mails sent to inform customers about various new information from MSME businesses. Such as informing about product discount promos or informing about new products issued by MSMEs.

The target customers of this e-mail marketing strategy are usually consumers who already have an account on the MSME business website.

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