Your Phone Can't Get Touchscreen Water 7 Steps to Fix

Fix Your Phone Can't Get Touchscreen Water

Steps to Fix Your Phone Can't Get Touchscreen Water - Hello friends, have you ever experienced that your cellphone can't get touchscreen water? Well, this article is about how to fix a cellphone that can't be touched after being exposed to water. Read on! Reviews of water touch screen phones cannot play a role below.

The touch screen (touch monitor) in a cellphone is considered a major part, and cannot be separated from its usefulness. Because of the touchscreen has an error or is automatically destroyed, your cellphone can't be used at all.

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Your Phone Can't Get Touchscreen Water

HP Touchscreen Trigger Not Working

There are factors that can cause the touchscreen on a cellphone to not function normally, one of which is as follows:

1. Using a charger (fake)

The use of non-original chargers is really not recommended, because it can destroy your cellphone. The KW charger has a power line that is not compatible with your cellphone.

This can make the touchscreen on the phone jump and, most chronically, don't even play the same role. You should always use the original charger so that the cellphone doesn't get destroyed quickly.

2. Problem with LCD

An LCD that has a problem can be one of the triggers why the cellphone's touchscreen doesn't work. Because LCD is an important part of today's mobile phones. If it is destroyed, chances are the touchscreen will show signs of error and it doesn't even play the same role though.

3. Using the thickest tempered glass

Tempered glass can provide additional protection to the cellphone monitor. The problem is tempered glass has a thick glass material so that the cellphone monitor is safer.

However, if the tempered glass is too thick, it can make the HP touchscreen insensitive, so it can't respond to touch.

4. Getting hit by rain

Nach, this is often felt by some mobile phone users who do not have a waterproof feature. This is generally due to our inadvertence or negligence, until the cellphone is attacked by water or worse, it is flooded.

Of course this will destroy some of the main components on that phone. One of them is the touchscreen element.

So what if your cellphone has been hit by water, and the touchscreen doesn't play a role?
The way out of HP affected by Touchscreen Water Cannot

If your phone's touch screen doesn't work after being exposed to water, you shouldn't worry, friend! Since there are ways to deal with the touchscreen not working, one of them is:

Steps to Fix Your Phone Can't Get Touchscreen Water

1. Restart HP

The easiest step that is recommended when the phone is hit by water is to restart it. Restarting the phone plays the role of turning off all programs running on the phone so that some minor errors can be handled quickly. One of them is an error where the phone's touchscreen doesn't work.

2. Apart from tempered glass

Because the tempered glass is too thick, it can cause the lack of sensitivity of the cellphone monitor. Monitor or touchscreen that is not sensitive will make no role. Therefore, you should be able to try removing the tempered glass on the cellphone.

3. Enter Safe Model

The touchscreen that doesn't play a role will definitely make the phone unusable though. The method that you can use by going to Safe Model. Safe Model is a feature that allows you to use your phone without any software.

The Safe Model can be reached by pressing and holding down the power button (depending on the HP brand), until there is a pop-up option to go to Safe Model.

4. Perform touchscreen calibration

Like the battery, the touchscreen needs to be calibrated to restore touchscreen performance. Touchscreen calibration can be done when you get a problem where the phone's touchscreen doesn't work due to rain.

The trick is pretty easy, you just need to take the monitor or touchscreen calibration program on the Google Play Store or App Store. If you use the Android operating system, you can use a program called "Touchscreen update". Do the program then do the calibration test. Then, restart your cellphone.

5. Dry HP

Before water enters some important components of Xiaomi phones, the way you need to do is dry the phone and make sure there is no more water remaining.

This step is carried out in order to prevent water from entering the LCD which can be a serious problem for the touchscreen error.

6. Put HP in rice

This step is a classic step, which is to insert the phone into the rice. Because rice has the power to absorb a number of particles in the water, the drying process of a cellphone that is attacked by water is faster.

To do this step, you have to dissect some parts of the cellphone first so that the rice can absorb water in the cellphone body easily.

7. Use Silica Gel

Silica gel can save the touchscreen on your cellphone from being attacked by water. The strength of silica gel that can absorb moisture, is efficient to help dry cellphones from incoming water


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