Recommendations for Cheap Window Films and the Price of Installing Window Films

Recommendations for Cheap Window Films and the Price of Installing Window Films

Recommendations for Cheap Window Films and the Price of Installing Window Films

Don't miss the price of car window film when you have the intention of greasing your loved car. Besides the price, the brand is also worth considering so you don't get confused. By choosing the right car window film, it makes the vehicle more attractive. Currently, there are many well-known brands of car window film in Indonesia, each with its respective prices and advantages. Choosing the best window film for cars should take into account the needs and focus of the user.

Buying window film is usually equated with the type of car so that the size is more accurate. In addition, determine whether the needs are full packages or only certain sides.

The best reference for car window film brands

Here are some of the best car window film brands that you need to know before buying so you know which one is right for you and what you want.

1. V-KOOL car window film

Car window film with V-KOOL is in the lineup for the best car window film, you know. In Indonesia, V-KOOL car window film has been marketed for more than 20 years. The products have various variations that are provided with the most advanced materials and technology.

V-KOOL makes every car window film that is made at least have seven electrical structures reinforced with gold. The argument is to increase product durability and performance. Finally, the V-KOOL car window film can block infrared light well.

V-KOOL car window films are equipped with V-KOOL's Spectrally Selective technology to reduce solar heat entering the cabin, but still, maintain the level of incoming light. In other words, this window film can resist heat even though it looks clear.

2. 3M . car window film

3M car window film is designed to add comfort, protect the interior of the vehicle, and the wearer. Antique, 3M car window film is equipped with technology that plays a role in minimizing heat and the negative impact of sunlight.

Great technology is also installed on this product, namely 3M Crystalline AutoFilm. The appearance of this product is clear because of the multilayer optical technology. Even though it is clear, the 3M car window film can still dissipate heat through the window film with a dark color and appearance.

In addition to the above technology, 3M also equips this product with Nano-Layer technology because the temperature in the cabin is still cold and the vehicle can also be protected.

3. Solar Gard car window film

One more reference to the best car window film that you can choose, namely Solar Gard. Some of the products issued are specially made to protect the wearer from the sun. One of the interesting products made by Solar Gard is the Black Phantom Series.

From the name, you can probably guess the color of the product. Yes, this product has a dark or jet black appearance because of The Most Advanced Nano Ceramic Technology material. Because of this material, Solar Gard car window film can block and block ultraviolet and infrared light with 99% and 96% accuracy.

4. Llumar car window film

Llumar is predicted to be one of the largest car window film manufacturers in the world. Not without argument, apparently, the marketing of Llumar car window film has reached 60% worldwide. Nach, from here on, you don't need to worry and doubt about the quality and power that Llumar offers.

Talking about car window film product references from Llumar, try choosing a product with a Gold Series variation. This variation has a bluish-green character and appearance when viewed outside which makes your car more pleasing to the eye in addition to being protected from the interior.

5. Iceberg car window film

Iceberg car window film is popular for its technology called Night Vision Technology. The company adopted this technology to allow car users to get a bright and clear vision at all when driving at night or in the dark.

Iceberg car window film material is made of 100% carbon and made with nanotechnology. This material makes this product capable of optimally rejecting heat and blocking infrared light up to 99%. There are three favorite color variations of Iceberg car window film, namely Ice, Onyx, and Pearl.

6. Huper Optical Car Window Film

The following Huper optics is called the pioneer of car window film with the use of soft ceramic materials. The material used makes the window film really durable and strong, even though it is used in various weather and conditions. Huper Optik even claims that the window film made is resistant to saltwater. That's right, Huper Optik's window films are used by ships.

Huper Optik car window film can resist the heat of infrared light up to 96%. Finally, the temperature in the cabin of your car can be cooler around 5-10 degrees Celsius, even in hot conditions.

7. Spectrum Car Window Film

Spectrum Car Window Film is known for its strength in blocking UV light up to 100%, especially for UV 400 products. In the manufacturing process, Spectrum car window film uses Chip-Film technology which is claimed to be superior in durability.

The material comes from black plastic seeds which compare this product to others that use the Dyed Film coloring process, aka the dyeing process.

8. CP-F1. Window Film

CP-F1 uses premium raw materials in the form of high-quality metal and nano-ceramic technology. CP-F1 window film has been trusted for more than 12 years by the largest automotive brand holder agent (APM) in Indonesia.

One of the favorite products for window films made by CP-F1 is Solar Control, which can protect users from the dangers of UV light and reduce heat to 16 degrees so that the car will feel the normal temperature. In addition, the use of CP-F1 Solar Control window film can also protect passengers from the danger of glass shards in the event of an accident.

9. Konica Minolta Car Window Film

Konica Minolta's car window film, which is among the most popular in Indonesia, is ICE-u, with three technologies used during its manufacture, namely optical technology, coating technology, and material application technology.

Optical technology is a technology that applies optical working concepts such as photocopiers to have the best-infrared light rejection power. Coating technology is a technology for applying nano-coating systems with high accuracy.

Meanwhile, the material application technology incorporates several photosensitive materials to improve the quality and durability of the window film.

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