Instagram Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business More Effectively

Instagram Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business More Effectively

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Netgenz - Business | As a start-up venture, it definitely takes some steps to be recognized and witnessed by several people. Not only that, businesses that have been around for many years still need a medium to survive amid many emerging competitors.

Instagram is one of the most suitable media to fulfill this need. What's more, now that Instagram has merged with Facebook, it will definitely make it easier for business people to promote their products.

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Here are the top 8 tips for marketing and growing your business through social media

1. Know who your target audience is

Of course, this first guide is an important foundation or basis for some business people to understand. Whatever the system, you must know who you want to target to market your products.

Quoted by, one of the steps to determine who the target market of a business is is by creating a buyer figure. A buyer figure is a semi-fictional realization of your ideal customer. Here are some characters that you can use to determine the buyer figure.

  • Age range (maximum range 10 years)
  • Detailed location (province and city)
  • Work
  • Gender
  • Motivate them to work
  • The three main problems they have
  • Where do they usually look for info?

You can make this buyer figure based on several customers who have bought your product. Ask them to fill out a survey about your product, and also market a promotional code to lure them into repeat business transactions.

2. Use bio to the fullest

The bio on the Instagram profile is a fairly important element. Think of a potential customer who opens your business' Instagram profile, and sees no bio at all. They will be confused, about what products are you selling, how to buy, and various other questions.

Therefore, the bio column needs to be optimized to write information that will make it easier for potential customers to get to know your business. The following components are important to pay attention to:

  • A bright and attractive profile photo, the same size that is made to fit, not from cropping
  • The bio that tells about your business (briefly)
  • Links that can be used to find more complete information
  • Hashtags (if possible)

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3. Choose and use relevant hashtags

Using hashtags in uploading videos or photos on Instagram can help increase your audience and sales. However, you need to do some research and find out about hashtags or hashtags before using them.

For example, if you are just starting a Muslim clothing business, then you shouldn't waste your uploads using #fashion or #modest which is used by millions of users, because it will only make your content immersed and not seen at all. If you are not a big and popular brand, then you have to be smart to choose a more efficient hashtag.

By using the search field, you can find various hashtags that are viral and are used the most. Therefore, try to find out which hashtags are the most efficient and will help upload your business content to more and more users on Instagram.

4. Join other brands to hold a giveaway

You can take advantage of activities such as giveaways to attract more consumers on Instagram. One way to make it easier is by working with other smaller brands that share similar values, locations, and target audiences with your business.

The more profitable the prizes are given in the giveaway activity areas products that have benefits and high market value. So, try to find other small businesses to work together to help increase audience reach.

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5. Use the "link" feature to navigate to your business website

In the Instagram bio section, there is a special column to enter the web link you have. You can immediately copy the link there so that visitors can immediately see and get more complete information about your business.

However, if you are a new business person who doesn't have a website, then you can copy the e-commerce link where you market your products. If the link that you want to provide is more than one, you can use Linktree, a platform where you can enter a group of links, which is now widely used and quite efficient and most importantly provides free features forever.

6. Collaborate with the same influencers according to the business budget

Some influencers or celebgrams are now becoming stars who are one of the alternative marketing options that are quite efficient. Even though you have to spend more money and you have to be good at choosing the right influencers, this step is definitely still attractive for you to try.

Look for celebgrams that not only have a large number of followers, but those who have values ​​similar to your business, or at least represent your business in the eyes of the public well. No need to force it, equate it with the marketing budget you have, and think about how much benefit your business might get later.

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7. Create engaging and more humane content

No matter how small the effort you make, even if you are just starting a business and want to market it on Instagram, make sure that the content you provide is interesting, informative, and of course, must match the type of business you do.

As a businessman, you must also know the character of the audience if they want quality products wrapped in quality video or photo content as well. It would be great if you could relate to the various social rumors going on.

This will indicate that you and your business are aware of the social conditions around you, although you still have to be careful about maintaining the value and uniqueness of the business.

8. Use the Instagram Advertising feature

Last but not least, the easiest and most efficient way to expand the audience and increase marketing is by using Advertising or advertising features. This feature will help increase the reach of social media users, you can make synchronization with your Facebook Page account so you can place ads on Facebook too.

However, now you can decide to promote your product only on Instagram. You can select your target audience based on age, location, shopping routine, and gender. You can choose the time of the ad period and the cost will adjust according to the length of that period. By using this feature, there can generally be an increase in the number of adherents, and that's a very good start.

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