If your netbook's lcd layer has red stripes and is not normal in color, it interferes with your performance in using a Hp 14s netbook. because it wants or not you have to exchange the LCD Netbook HP 14s. if you change it, then your HP 14s Netbook LCD can function normally again.

How much does the HP 14s LCD Netbook cost?

The price of the HP 14s LCD Netbook in marketplaces such as Tokopedia is marketed at Rp. 1,250,000, - (one million two hundred and fifty thousand rupiah). the cost has not been calculated, so you need to consider the LCD shipping costs before deciding to buy

What Equipment is used to replace the HP 14s Netbook LCD?

You need a small size according to the size of the bolts on the HP 14s netbook, levers to remove the netbook attachments, and a smartphone camera to document the location of the screws on the HP 14s netbook, so you need to reattach them before you replace the LCD.

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How to Exchange the HP 14s Netbook LCD?

Each type of netbook has certain steps and systems for dissecting lcd including the HP 14s Netbook LCD, where you first need to remove the LCD with the monitor under the netbook, on other types of LCD netbooks, you are given the privilege of removing the netbook lcd without dissecting the demand underneath. Here are 7 ways to exchange an HP 14s Netbook LCD

  • Unscrew all the screws attached to the Hp 14s Netbook Keyboard to separate the Netbook LCD from the HP 14s Netbook Keyboard
  • after removing it from the back of the HP 14s netbook keyboard, you loose the bolts on all the back of the HP 14s netbook LCD
  • regardless of what is or the electrical circuit in the LCD Netbook HP 14s, because you open through the back,
  • Use a lever or any tool to open the next hope, because generally LCD Netbooks are tightly wrapped even though all the screws have been loose.
  • Clean the place where the netbook lcd is installed, then put the netbook lcd in that place
  • Replace the bolts that you just removed on your HP 14s netbook
  • Replace the electrical circuit and cover as before.

That's the guide on
how to find and install the HP 14s LCD Netbook if this guide is useful to help others 

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