How to Start a Home Bread Business

How to Start a Home Bread Business

How to Start a Home Bread Business

Netgenz - Business | Bread is a favorite food for Indonesians. This type of food is generally eaten with coffee, milk, or tea and is an option for breakfast. Bread is often a way out for Indonesians when they have to fill their stomachs before it's time for lunch. In addition, as a snack, bread is favored by people from various groups and ages.

Therefore, the high interest of citizens in consuming bread is a business opportunity for you. Nowadays, many home-based bread businesses are also starting to spread among community groups to reach the existing market niche.

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Well, here are some ways to start a home bakery business

1. Plan carefully

Before you start a home bakery business, you should make a well-thought-out plan. There are many things that are important to look at when making that plan.

This includes business space, capital, the type of bread to be made, and the target market. A well-thought-out plan is an important thing in running a business, except for a home bakery business.

Without a well-thought-out plan, the effort is difficult to implement and is hindered by several things. Even though it's just a home bakery business, you have to keep working on the cooking plan!

2. Determine the type of bread you want to market

In the planning process, the type of bread that will be made is then marketed. Then how to determine what type of bread you want to market?

To answer that question, you can do a survey on what breads already exist or have been marketed in the market. You can also do other surveys by knowing the wishes of the residents.

With this survey, you can find out what type of bread you want to sell. You can also concentrate more on making delicious bread because you already know how the market is and the desires of the people.

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3. Take advantage of the home kitchen

If you have determined the type of bread you want to market, the next step is to determine the place of production. For starters, it is not permissible to rent a place for the production and sale of your homemade bread. You should use your own home kitchen to make the bread.

That way, you can save on transportation costs and rent space. However, one thing that is important for you to make sure is that the condition of the kitchen must be hygienic or clean, so that the bread made can still be delicious and healthy.

Besides that, you can also use all the kitchen equipment in the house to make your selling bread. If your business is big, then you can start making improvements to your production equipment so that you can make more and more bread.

4. Creative and innovative

Bread business as a type of business is quite old. Therefore, it takes creation and development so that your bread is ogled and bought by the target market.

One form of creation and development that you can apply in your home bakery business is to create new flavors and shapes. Thus, your bread will get a certain place in the hearts of customers, because it is felt different from competitors, either directly or indirectly.

Another form of creation and development is making brands and packages of bread that you sell. It's important to remember that people will remember better named products and unique packages. You don't have to worry because homemade bakery products can also be made with as few brands and packages as possible to be different from competitors.

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5. Set the selling price

The step to start a home bakery business that is no less important is to determine the selling value. The selling value can be calculated from the capital you spend.

It is important for you to write down all the capital used when buying some bread production ingredients, so you don't experience a loss.

In this regard, do not let you sell your product at a price that is too low or too high. As a new product, you should decide on the selling point to compete with several competitors. This is so that your product can be recognized by your target market.

6. Doing promotions

The last thing that goes into the steps of starting a home bakery business is by promoting your sales. Without the right promotion, your product will only become the subject of public talk and you will not be able to generate marketing.

You can do this promo online or off-line. Online, you can promote your home bakery business through social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and others. You can also sell your tumahan bread products in e-commerce such as Tokopedia, Shopee, Bukalapak, and others. You can also do the promo off-line by giving a tester to your friends or relatives.

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