Clean The Dashboard and Car Body Easily and Cheaply

Clean The Dashboard and Car Body Easily and Cheaply

When it comes to cleaning your vehicle, you have two alternatives. One of them, you can take it to a car salon or do it yourself. How long does it take to clean the car yourself? You need a total time of about 20 minutes which includes the washing process to drying with a chamois or plas chamois. That way, you can also adjust when it should be the right time to clean the car when you have time or maybe not. No need to wait for the car to be too dirty, you can immediately clean the car when the vehicle feels quite dusty or has spots that need to be cleaned immediately.

Besides the time that can be a concern and without lining up, cleaning the car yourself is actually quite easy to do. The equipment required is relatively simple. If you have a water source running down your home, that means you can clean the car yourself.

Another benefit of cleaning your own car is that you can reduce spending on car maintenance. The cost of cleaning a car in areas in big cities, such as Jakarta, is around Rp. 50,000 to Rp. 150,000. Depending on the type of service taken. If in a month you have to clean the car up to 4 times, it means that the amount of funds that can be saved will be quite large.

Another benefit of cleaning your own car is that it is your opportunity to do a vehicle inspection. When cleaning the body or interior of the car, you can also check the condition of the vehicle. Nach, although you can get a car cleaning guide easily online, here Qoala describes the proper car cleaning steps that you can do yourself at home for any type of car or even a truck once.

1. Prepare some tools to clean the car

So that it is not complicated to go back and forth because of slippery hands full of car shampoo foam, you should have prepared all the tools to clean the car completely, such as water hoses, buckets, shampoo and sponges from the beginning before you start cleaning the vehicle. The first step to cleaning your car properly and quickly can make your car wash process more efficient.

It must be remembered, you need to use special car products and car cleaning tools. Starting from sponges, rags, to shampoo to clean the car is really recommended. The car rag should be really smooth and not cause dirt or grit to stick to the rag so it doesn't scratch the paint.

2. Wet the entire body of the car before washing it

Next, you can start by wetting the entire body of the car before washing it. Leave it for a while so that the attached dirt is easier to remove, such as hiding it. Use a high pressure spray if you have one. The water will help soften the dry mud so it's easier to clean without scrubbing the car.

There are important guidelines that must be understood when doing this step with high pressure water. Avoid spraying the car body frontally. The way out, work sideways.

Spraying the car body with high pressure water frontally is believed to have a risk for denting the car body. Not only that, the car body can also experience abrasions due to the hard friction between the water and the dirt attached to it.

3. Prepare Two Buckets for Car Cleaning

Try to prepare two buckets. One bucket is filled with a combination of shampoo to clean the car and water, then the other bucket is filled with clean water. This means that the dirt can be really clean. If you only use one bucket, there is a chance that the dirt in the car may stick together again due to the use of the same bucket.

One bucket is again used specifically for cleaning tires. In direct contact with the road surface, tires and rims are generally dirtier. By preparing this special bucket, it is free from diverting dirt in the tires to the car body. Don't forget to wipe dry and car polishing liquid is prepared around you to wash it.

4. Use special soap to clean the car

How to clean the car properly and well so on by using special soap. The way, after all the place of the car is wet, use shampoo to clean all the car body. Some shampoos or soaps give off a nice smell or detergent with a special combination. And the important thing is to avoid using washing materials with high detergent content, such as those for cleaning dishes. The problem is the car body with the paint and protection arrangement is quite different from the plate.

Behind all car wash products, choose a shampoo or soap that can equalize the pH (acidity level) of the water used. Because, many still don't know how much iron in the water can cause rust on the car body. And the use of the right shampoo can match corrosive substances a ir so a balanced pH. Furthermore, when a close friend finds dirt or fungus that does not disappear from the car body after using shampoo, don't rush to rub it too hard. Because, it can remove the composition of the car paint varnish.

5. Start Cleaning the Car from Top to Bottom

Then, you can start to wash it from top to bottom. The underside of the car must have been the dirtiest because of the mud and dirt. Start cleaning and wiping the car from the roof of the car or the cleanest side. Let the soapy water run down while softening the dry mud so it's easy to clean when you clean the underside of the car. Make sure you clean the tires and other car details.

6. Wash the car body with clean water

Finally, after the car is clean, the next important thing to do is wash it. It must be remembered, only do this process using clean and running water. If not, the process of cleaning the car body inside the house until it is clean can be useless.

Wash starting from the top side of the car body, then the glass, to the tires and other details on the exterior of the vehicle. Complete the rinsing process by drying the car body using a plastic chamois cloth that has been prepared.

You should use another cloth, the same as the one used to clean the car body in the next step. An additional guide to dry the car body quickly, work in a fairly exposed location. The drying process is important when we finish cleaning the car. If not done properly, there is a chance that the car body will experience watermarks that interfere with the exterior condition.

You can also polish your car with the right type of cloth on the polishing machine. Soft and rough fabrics have their respective roles. A coarse cloth is used to distribute the polishing liquid, and a soft cloth is used to make your car shiny. In the polishing process, you will use both of them alternately. Make sure you choose the best quality car polishing tool. You don't need to worry because now the price of car body polishing tools is widely sold at affordable numbers, but still with good quality.

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