Cause The Car Can't be Started The Engine Doesn't turn on

Car can't be started the engine doesn't turn on

Which car driver doesn't worry when his vehicle doesn't want to start or is better known to stop? So that you don't go the wrong way, here are the steps to deal with a car that won't start that you can apply.

Cause The Car Can't be Started The Engine Doesn't turn on

1. Carburetor Condition Control

Knowing if the car engine can not glow, the first thing you can do is adjust the condition of the carburetor. Because the carburetor has a role in regulating the circulation of air and fuel in the engine's inhaling flow. Witnessed from its role, it can be said that this one element is also very important like the other elements. When the carburetor is dirty, it definitely hinders the process of starting the vehicle engine. Therefore, you have to clean the dirt and spots that keep accumulating in order to function optimally as before. If you don't understand how to clean properly, immediately take it to the nearest repair shop to get the right solution.

2. Check the state of the battery

The next step to deal with the car cannot be started is to check the condition of the vehicle battery. The car battery is the main part of the vehicle's electrical mechanism. In other words, the vehicle cannot glow when the battery is damaged. To make sure that the special trigger for the car to stop is the battery, please check the state of the water level and the voltage. If the battery is damaged and the damage is quite chronic, you definitely have to replace it with a new one. But it must be remembered that the trigger for the car to stop is not only caused by the battery, therefore you have to check various other elements so that the engine can work again as before.

3. Check Dynamo Starter and car relay

What if the trigger for the car to stop does not come from the battery and the engine carburetor? Please do the test on the starter dynamo first. Although the main part of this one is rarely damaged if it is not due to age consumption or due to careless use, there is nothing wrong with testing the car starter dynamo. If the dynamo starter is the trigger, of course you must immediately make repairs so that the vehicle engine can glow again. It is certain that this step in handling a car that cannot be started should not be carried out carelessly, therefore, take the vehicle to the nearest repair shop as the best solution.

4. Check the condition of the fuel pump

Did you know that if the damage to the fuel pump is another trigger why the vehicle doesn't want to glow, even though you have pressed the starting button? You can check for damage from the engine check mark listed on the Multi Information Display monitor on the dashboard. Fuel pump damage can occur when this element is really dirty due to accumulation of dirt and spots. But there is no harm in doing a more detailed check by taking it to the nearest repair shop as a step to deal with the car not starting.

This is done to find a specific trigger why the car cannot be started. Those are some guidelines for dealing with stopped cars that you can apply. Unfortunately not everyone understands automotive, so problems such as a car stopping successfully make you anxious about it.

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