7 Preparations for an Online Food Business to Survive

7 Preparations for an Online Food Business to Survive

7 Preparations for an Online Food Business to Survive

Netgenz - Business | The epidemic caused several food businesses to close or go bankrupt, especially those that only sell offline. While those who sell online, some can survive, and some return even more in their turnover. When you are about to sell, there are many things you need to prepare first. Read on, to the list below!

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Here are 7 Preparations for an Online Food Business to Survive

1. Raw material price survey

Selling food online or offline, you must first survey the prices of some ingredients that will later be made into dishes. This can be the basis for calculating the selling value of your food.

Surveys of raw materials not only compare prices but also their quality. Don't be tempted by affordable prices, first check what the quality is like. And you shouldn't immediately reject those who charge above your standard, who knows if you buy in large and regular quantities, you can get a discount.

2. Calculate capital correctly

After getting the right raw material vendor, start calculating the initial capital to make a food ratio. Carefully calculate, include transportation costs when you buy some of these materials.

The capital for a food ration is not only calculated from the raw material, you know. You should also consider the package, even the cost of the promo later.

3. Calculate the selling price correctly

After getting the correct capital price, you must determine the selling value for your food. For the first time selling, don't be quick to set a high price.

Sell ​​your food at affordable prices and give promotions or discounts so consumers are interested in trying it. Anyway, let people know first if you sell delicious food. After your name begins to be recognized, just start selling at the normal price.

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4. Make sure your food is fresh and has added value

If your sale is ready-to-eat food, make sure your food is fresh from the oven! You can't sell the food you made the other day.

If you sell dry food too, make sure the expiration date is still far away. When food is going to be delivered out of town, you have to trust it doesn't go stale on the road. Consumers will be sad if the food is not worth eating.

Adding value to your food will add magnetism to consumers while increasing marketability. Fried rice sellers have thrived everywhere, but if you sell a cheese fried rice menu, for example, it will definitely make consumers curious and want to try it!

5. Attractive and safe packaging design

Food packages are part of the promo. Create attractive and eye-catching packages and symbols so that consumers always remember your food.

See package security yes. Packages for soupy foods are definitely different from dry foods. Likewise, packages for ready-to-eat food are definitely different from frozen food packages.

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6. Promote vigorously

This is the most important. No matter how good your food is, if it's not propagated properly, no one will know, right?

Online promotions in today's era are an obligation for food sellers. You have to understand the internet and social media so that your selling is famous by several people, not just your surroundings. Don't forget to enter this promo fee into the capital price.

7. Ask for testimonials and input from buyers

Nach, after the food arrives and is consumed by consumers, don't forget to follow up on them. Ask if your product was received in a good and safe condition.

Be open to any criticism and suggestions from consumers. It should not be bad if consumers give constructive criticism, because it is a form of attention to them so that you can improve the quality again.

Nach, if you feel you have prepared some of the things above well, don't hesitate to start your food business. If you feel you can't do everything yourself, bring the closest person you believe to work with. It should not be easy to give up on any obstacles when running your business.

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