7 Home Farming Business Ideas

7 Home Farming Business Ideas

Organic Plant Business Illustration

Netgenz - Business | Who has the resolution to start a business this new year? If that's you, then you can, here, include farming as your business option. The problem is that this type of agricultural business has the potential to have big profits because the products made are one of the basic human needs.

Agricultural businesses do not always need a large area with large capital, really. You can also start a home-based farming business. It's enough just the place has a size of a few meters. Of course, you can already be a contemporary farmer who has the opportunity to make a profit.

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Here are 7 Home Farming Business Ideas

1. Sell organic plants

The idea of ​​the first home-based farming business was to become an organic plant farmer. Currently, the demand for this type of chemical-free plant is very high in the market. This is because organic types of plants are said to be healthier and have attractive performance. Therefore, becoming an organic plant farmer can be one of the most promising home-based farmer business ideas for you.

2. Selling medicinal plants

In this period of epidemics, some herbal medicines have become one of the popular options in the community. Witnessing the high trend, being a medicinal plant farmer can be your ninja way. The problem is that some herbal medicines are now priced at a fairly high price.

This must be a good business opportunity, right? Well, if you want to be a farmer of medicinal or herbal plants, you can choose the type of pharmacy plants such as betel leaf, cat's whiskers, or Curcuma. You can plant this type of pharmacy plant in a limited place.

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3. Sell plant seeds

The social restrictions applied by the government during this epidemic made many new hobbies appear, one of the most popular of which is keeping plants. Nach, seeing this situation, becoming a seller of plant seeds is one option that is quite promising, you know. You can sell vegetable seeds or fruit seeds.

4. Agricultural blogger

The next farming idea is to become a blogger in the agriculture section. Yes, bloggers. You can create a website that you fill with content about agriculture. This opportunity is quite promising, you know. The problem is that few pursue this career. The capital is also really small.

You just need to buy a domain for your blog and write some informative content about agriculture. With some informative content, many people will come to your blog, which will have an impact on attracting the attention of potential advertisers on your blog.

5. Selling spice plants

Of course, you know that Indonesia is rich in spices. The wealth of these spices invites the needs of the foreign market which is quite high. Therefore, you can become a player in this market. There are several spices that you can choose as your selling ingredients, such as fragrant roots, tamarind, garlic, shallots, cardamom, chilies, to cloves.

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6. Sell fertilizer

The plant fertilizer business is one of the promising agricultural business options, Bela. To start this business, you can start by learning the process of making fertilizer.

7. Sell ornamental plants

Who would have guessed that the plague period made people have a high interest in ornamental plants indoors? The time is right for you to earn a fortune in this place. For example, selling trending ornamental plants, such as aglaonema, monstera, calathea to ivory betel.

If you don't understand plants, you can sell unique plant pots, decorative stones in pots, to mini plant hampers.

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