6 Ways to Make a Child Friendly Living Room

6 Ways to Make a Child Friendly Living Room

6 Ways to Make a Child-Friendly Living Room

Netgenz - Netizen buzz Education | As a parent, creating and managing a beautiful and comfortable home can seem like an uphill battle. In most homes, children tend to replace and become part of every room, especially in the living room or family room.

Therefore, it is important to create a child-friendly living room to make sure they play comfortably and safely. If you want to create a child-friendly living room while still equating style and role.

Here are 6 Ways to Make a Child-Friendly Living Room

1. Make sure all furniture is safe

Stay away from hard furniture with sharp lines and corners or those with glass material so that the living room is safer for children. Children will run, especially those who are learning to walk are likely to bump into the furniture. If you have sharp edges and corners, it's definitely going to be painful for them.

You can think about using a round coffee table. This is because the coffee table which is generally in the middle of the room is the point that often makes children injured.

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2. There is a storage area

It is undeniable that children have several things in their collection, from toys to art collections. Therefore, a storage area is really needed to make sure your home is still tidy.

You can opt for closed storage which can easily hide clutter and help keep your living room looking tidy. Choose a coffee table with a shelf or seat that can be opened and changed as a storage area.

The storage area in the living room can save cleaning time because it doesn't require bringing it into the bedroom.

3. Add a rug

Bare floors can look great in some spaces, but in spaces where children will play it's best to have a soft rug. This is because active children are generally at risk of falling and causing injury. There is a soft carpet that will help protect them and can be a place for them to sit and play.

Choose carpets made of materials that are durable, easy to clean, and free from toxic chemicals. Also make sure to choose a color, scheme, and size that fits the topic of the room.

4. Make sure the bookshelf is placed securely

If you have a group of books placed on a wall shelf, then make sure they are placed high and securely attached to the wall. Children generally have a tendency to climb when they want to achieve something. When bookshelves or books fall from them, it causes injury to them.

5. Secure decorative items

Apart from bookshelves, you should also pay attention to other accessories in the living room. If you want a child-friendly living room, then make sure vases, photo frames, and other decorative items are far from the reach of children. Put or stay away from those points to prevent your child from getting hurt or some of your belongings being destroyed.

6. Choose furniture materials that can withstand dirt

Children are generally very active until they do things from climbing, jumping, spilling things, or even making canvases for various art projects, especially on furniture. To avoid damage to furniture, choose materials that can absorb dirt, for example, leather or microfiber furniture.

However, if you already have furniture made of materials that are prone to getting dirty, you can protect your furniture with a slipcover. Slipcovers can be obtained with loose or tight fittings if they are dirty, just loosen them and wipe them clean.

Making sure the space in the house is still comfortable and safe for all members of the family is very important. With the 6 guidelines above, you can create a child-friendly living room that can still be used as a place to join.

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