6 Tips to Maximize Sales on Marketplace

6 Tips to Maximize Sales on Marketplace

6 Tips to Maximize Sales on Marketplace

Netgenz - Business | First Impression when you see a product in your store is an important event to attract the attention of consumers and at the same time improve online marketing, especially during the Dual Date Campaign which is generally held in several marketplaces/e-commerce.

The Dual Date Campaign is generally held every month and has become popular because of the big price discounts that are often held on the same date and month such as 10.10, 11.11, 12.12, and so on.

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Here are 6 Tips to Maximize Sales on Marketplace

1. Product Title

See the keywords you want to use for your product name so it's easy to find. Here are some keywords that you can suggest to the title and generally depend on the type of product you are selling because some products have different ways of mentioning

  • Product name
  • Size
  • Color or pattern
  • Ingredient
  • Bonuses you want to share
  • Can COD
  • And others

You can enter 2 or more keywords for a product title and brief information about the product. It must be remembered, keywords that are fast and interesting are of course more optimal. Don't forget to do keyword research or what keywords are most familiar to consumers.

2. Product Description

The product description is one of the most important aspects that is important to pay attention to because you have to make sure the details, features, and benefits of the product are listed in detail. Don't let you get complaints from consumers because of wrong information.

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3. Product Image or Photo

Photos or product images are shown must be attractive and appropriate to the title to increase traffic and store track records in the long term. Use pictures/photos of investigators that can describe the product in detail, angle photos of other products, or features to promos that can be shown in pictures.

4. Strengthen Branding

Start doing branding so that your store has an 'identity' in the marketplace. Starting from the typing style, design, photos, symbols, watermarks, and product photo positions, so that consumers can easily recognize your brand and don't get confused when shopping.

5. Store Description and Promotion Strategy

After understanding the concept of branding, don't be left behind in creating a compelling store description. Consumers must do shop research of the product they want to buy, whether it is most trusted or not.

Brand integrity can be seen from the visuals that you present in your store. If you can use promo banners that are commonly found on the front page of marketplace stores, don't forget to always update your promotions and products at least once a month.

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6. Use Discounts and Coupons

Give clear information to consumers regarding discounts and promo coupons that consumers can use for shopping.

For example:

  • Discounted prices - Follow our shop and get discounts of up to 50%!
  • Promo Coupon - Get 10k discount, min. shop 99k | 20k discount with min. shop 199k | Discount 35k min. shop 299k. LIMITED!

Hopefully, some of the steps previously mentioned can help optimize your store in the marketplace, especially during important moments such as the Dual Date Campaign. Each marketplace has other features so the optimization stage can also be different and will take quite a long time.

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