6 Tips for Selling Products with Twitter Marketing

6 Tips for Selling Products with Twitter Marketing

6 Tips for Selling Products with Twitter Marketing

Netgenz - Business | The use of social media as a place for marketing to work is quite efficient and effective. One of them is Twitter Marketing which can be tested by MSME actors to market their products.

According to the Country Industry Head of Twitter Indonesia, taken from business and small businesses, Twitter users from Indonesia have increased by 3.5x compared to global users. Even in 2019, the increase in Twitter users in Indonesia reached 21%.

Twitter is seen as an efficient location for those who want to get in touch and chat quickly through a single tweet. Of course, this can be used for MSME actors to market their products easily and quickly.

The Ministry of Communication and Information provides encouragement for MSME actors to move to a digital basis so that they can still be productive even though they are currently in a state of the COVID-19 outbreak.

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Here are 6 Tips for Selling Products with Twitter Marketing

1. Understand the elements of Twitter marketing

Before entering the marketing stage, you need to know some elements related to Twitter Marketing. You can do this so that you can strengthen your marketing activities on Twitter.

You can start by understanding how to use features that are on Twitter, such as features using gifs or videos. Thus, potential customers will be interested in your tweets by giving likes, retweets, or replies to your tweets.

Then you can market your product in a tweet with an attractive caption and use hashtags so that potential customers can find your tweets easily. In addition, look at the time when doing promos. You can see analytics on Twitter so you know when activity is increasing Twitter.

2. Increase traffic

When doing marketing on a tweet, you can add a link that will show a thumbnail of the content of the link that you use so that your tweet will look interesting.

For example, you can promote your product with an interesting caption. Then add a link from your online selling base so that potential customers will be interested or even have a relationship with the tweet.

You can add good content that fits your target market on Twitter. For example, you can create engaging content to attract Twitter users. Therefore this can help increase traffic as well.

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3. Take advantage of trending topics

Because there are viral topics on Twitter, it makes it easier for you to do marketing. You can do research on topics that are going viral, then you can do promotions based on hot topics being discussed.

4. Connect Twitter with other websites

When making a tweet that has the purpose of promoting your product, you can add a link from your online shop on another basis or even your web store so that potential customers who see the tweet have the opportunity to click on the link and it will increase engagement even higher, such as leave a footprint or reply to a tweet or give a like and retweet.

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5. Perform competitor analysis via Twitter

Twitter has a search field, so you can search by looking for your competitors. You can do observations on your competitors. This has the goal so that you can further improve your product and show the brand that you have.

6. Diligently interact with potential buyers

Potential customers prefer friendly, friendly, and informative relationships. As long as you do Twitter Marketing, you will be in direct contact with potential customers. You can share information regarding promotions or discounts from your store with the audience. Then when one of them asks about the product, you can give a friendly response so that they will feel comfortable throughout the business transaction.

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