5 Ways to Become a Reliable Marketing Startup

5 Ways to Become a Reliable Marketing Startup

5 Ways to Become a Reliable Marketing Startup

Netgenz - Business | With the development of internet users in Indonesia, several start-up business owners or startups are competing to market their businesses online or online. Start by creating a website, website, or account on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and others. But just creating an account is not enough to make a startup product or service ogled by potential customers.

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Here are 5 Ways to Become a Reliable Marketing Startup

1. Marketing content to attract potential customers

Many marketing tacticians explain that Content Marketing can work efficiently when implemented correctly. But some brands seem to be entangled with content that is always the same from period to period. What you can do is make a plan. It may not continue to display products, but can also be in the form of references, guides, quizzes, greetings for the big day, the latest info, and others.

2. Use buzzwords to create a viral effect

A buzzword is a rumor or a hot topic for citizens to talk about. Another term for buzzword is riding the wave. You can create content by following the trending things. An example is the Disconnected Kite meme where you can exchange Kinan's will into an attachment to your efforts.

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3. Visuals are more attractive

Avoid writing too much on your content marketing. Focus on eye-catching visuals. If you want it or not or are required to still use writing, make sure the writing has a KISS concept, keep it short and simple.

The evidence says that the human brain is 60 thousand times faster at processing visual appearances. Therefore you should change your online marketing tactics by presenting visual content. Some people explain that every 300 words of writing must be accompanied by 1 picture. But still, see the relationship between the image and the text.

4. Creating continuous content

The fourth online marketing tactic is content that will continue to generate more curiosity and curiosity for some audiences. When compared to regular content, continuous content will therefore have a long-term impact on customer memory.

For example, a video on YouTube with a series site format will make viewers look forward to the next scene. Compared to video ads, the effect will be greater for continuous content.

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5. Distribute your content on various channels

Once you've created compelling marketing content, it's time to spread it across multiple streams. Starting from your business website to all the social media you have. Of course, think about the best factor or pattern. Because each social media has a different pattern for their content.

No matter how good the online marketing tactics you apply, it is still important to always increase the business network as wide as possible.

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