5 Types of Tea to Relieve Flu and Sore Throat

5 Types of Tea to Relieve Flu and Sore Throat

5 Types of Tea to Relieve Flu and Sore Throat

Netgenz - Health | The impression, taste, and fragrance of a cup of warm tea, which is also soothing, has various benefits for the body, you know. One cup of warm tea is believed to reduce symptoms and cure various diseases, one of which is the flu and sore throat.

Tea has a high anti-oxidant content so it can fight various types of diseases and viruses. This content can increase the immune mechanism that can promote treatment and repair damaged tissue. In addition, some types of tea have anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce pain and swelling.

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Here are 5 Types of Tea to Relieve Flu and Sore Throat

1. Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is one of the favorite types of tea among tea lovers. Besides being relatively easy to find, chamomile tea is found to have various health benefits. Quoted by Molecular Medicine Reports, chamomile tea is useful for smoothing a hoarse and sore throat.

Chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce swelling and redness. In addition, chamomile has an anti-oxidant role that can repair damaged tissue and is beneficial for health. The antispasmodic found in chamomile can help reduce coughing.

2. Turmeric tea

Indonesians are really trained with the arrival of turmeric as a spice in cooking. Apparently, turmeric is useful for reducing colds and sore throats because of its anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties.

You can find turmeric tea in packets or make your own. The trick is to prepare a limit of peeled turmeric, crush it until it crumbles, then boil it with 1 cup of water until it boils. You can also make it with 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric powder. To make it more delicious, you can add honey and lemon juice.

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3. Green tea

Green tea is a very high source of antioxidants and a natural source of anti-inflammatory. Green tea contains amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that are good for the body.

Based on research from Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, in addition to drinking, gargling with green tea can reduce symptoms of esophageal pain. The trick is to make one cup of hot green tea and then leave it to warm. Gargle with green tea for a few seconds and then spit it out. Repeat this process about 2-3 times.

4. Ginger tea

Ginger has properties that are useful as antibacterial and anti-inflammatory which can fight disease. Ginger has benefits for lowering body temperature and reducing fever.

To make ginger tea, you will need 1-2 fingertips of ginger. Cut about 1 cm then geprek until release the fragrance and a little liquid. The suggestion is to crush the ginger into a glass and then brew it with hot water. You can also add a little cinnamon powder to add to its antibacterial role.

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5. Black tea

This type of tea is the most familiar tea in Indonesia. One cup of hot black tea is perfect to drink in cold weather to warm the body and be a source of caffeine in the morning. But black tea has tannin compounds that can reduce inflammation and sore throats.

In addition to being a calming drink, this type of tea has various health benefits, one of which is to reduce symptoms of colds and sore throats. Tea is also suitable to be drunk regularly to increase the body's immune mechanism and promote treatment.

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