5 Tips for Taking Care of SNSD's Seohyun's Skin

5 Tips for Taking Care of SNSD's Seohyun's Skin

5 Tips for Taking Care of SNSD's Seohyun's Skin

Netgenz - Health | Seohyun SNSD's talent in acting is no longer in doubt. Recently, he has participated in the Netflix film project entitled Love and Leashes. Not only multitalented, but the youngest member of SNSD also has attractive visuals and lasts a long time even though he is 30 years old. You have to apply it right now.

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Here are 5 Tips for Taking Care of SNSD's Seohyun's Skin

1. Consumption of fruits and vegetables

The first thing you need to know, Seohyun always consumes healthy foods such as vegetables and fruit so that her skin is still healthy. Even this attractive actress often prepares her own food for the menu every day.

Finally, Seohyun's skin looks more glowing and healthy. Seohyun is one of the perfectionist SNSD members, it's not strange that she often gets the nickname 'Prince of nobility'.

2. Using a cleansing oil

Then Seohyun never forgets to clean her face with cleansing oil. The dust, dirt, and grease that sticks will disappear instantly. Unfortunately, women generally feel happy to clean their face with facial foam only.

Even though the dual cleansing system is actually the right system to clean the face optimally. The double cleansing system itself has been used by the majority of Korean actresses.

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3. Exfoliate the skin

Seohyun also never forgets to exfoliate her face and body once a week. According to this beautiful actress, exfoliating the skin is very important to deal with the accumulation of dead skin cells that can cause the skin to look shabby.

It's not strange that Seohyun looks more attractive and glowing because she always takes care of her skin regularly. Plus Seohyun is 30 years old so extra skincare is needed.

4. Maintain facial moisture

One of the steps to make the skin look cheerful and glowing according to Seohyun is by implementing face oil. Generally, this SNSD maknae uses face oil after cleaning her face with a facial wash. Thus the skin is still hydrated and free from dryness.

Make sure to use the right face oil on your skin that absorbs quickly and feels light on the skin. Because selecting the wrong face oil will make your skin feel heavy and sticky.

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5. Get enough sleep

Even though facial treatments have been carried out optimally, all of them will have no function if you don't get enough sleep. According to Seohyun, adequate sleep can help the skin stay healthy and beautiful because during sleep some skin cells make changes. Thus, it is not strange that this SNSD maknae looks more and more charming even though he is 30 years old.

Even though the schedule is getting tighter and her profession is getting shinier, Seohyun doesn't forget to take care of her skin so that it still has a healthy glow.

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